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Last updated: 03:00:10 AM GMT(+03) Thursday, 04, August, 2011

WB Suspends $542 Million to Instable Yemen


 Yemen Post Staff

The World Bank suspended hundreds of millions of USD in aid to Yemen as from July 28 due to the political and security situation as the dueling protests and associated severe crises continue across the republic.

Independent sources cited a WB statement as saying that the decision came in harmony with the Bank's rules that call for such a procedure in complicated circumstances to avoid negative impacts on its programme course in any country.

The Bank is sponsoring 21 projects in Yemen with $882 million, $542 million out of which has not been released yet, the source reported, citing the statement as saying that the Bank will be ready to resume its activities normally in the country when the situation returns normal.

Yemen has been hit by month-long dueling protests that have resulted in severe crises including acute shortages and lawlessness. 

Meantime, the political department director in the ruling party, Abdullah Ghanim, said that President Saleh will come back to the country when he completes his medical treatment in Saudi Arabia.

Saleh was badly injured in a rocket attack on his palace in June that also injured more than 86 senior officials and killed almost 11 of his bodyguards.

Saleh remains the legitimate president of Yemen and all constitutional reasons exploited by the opposition are not valid because the president can resume his duties perfectly, he told Saba.

The Yemeni constitution provides that a president's term ends directly and powers go to his deputy if the president stays more than 60 days out of office for incompetent reasons.

The government says this constitutional article does not apply to the situation of President Saleh because  he is not totally incompetent.

 President Saleh resumed his duties as the head of state when started to recover in Saudi Arabia and none can replace him but through elections, Ghanim added. 






Source: Yemen Post Newspaper
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