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Last updated: 07:16:42 PM GMT(+03) Wednesday, 20, July, 2011

WFP-Yemen Situation Report (20/07/11) and Price/Food Security Update

 Yemen Post Staff


It is WFP’s assessment that Yemen is entering a serious humanitarian crisis. UN presence in the country is essential, both to provide relief during the ongoing political and economic emergency, as well as to ensure operational continuity.


The security situation in Sana’a is stable but remains tense. The ceasefire in the neighbourhoods of Hassaba and Hadda continues to hold.
President Ali Abdullah Saleh remains out of country. Government officials are reporting that he will not return from Saudi Arabia pending clearance from his doctor.
On 16 July 2011, the Youth Revolution Council chaired by activist Tawakol Karman declared the formation of a transitional council to manage the affairs of the country. The Government of Yemen’s Deputy Minister of Information has dubbed the move “a coup against constitutional legitimacy.” Some youth groups in Sana’a have yet to respond to the council’s formation, while the Al-Hirak secessionist movement in the south has rejected it outright.
As of 18 July 2011, the total number of Abyan IDPs residing in Aden, Lahj and Abyan governorates was approximately 80,000.
Fuel remains scarce or non-existent in most of the country, though availability has improved slightly in Sana’a. The situation has also improved marginally in Aden, on account of donations made by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and the card-based rationing system introduced by the Yemen Petroleum Company.
UNHCR has not yet transferred to Al-Mazrak Camp II the 4,000 urban refugees who were displaced by the fighting in Hassaba. Thus far, only 40 families had been successfully transported. UNHCR is now reassessing its strategy for this caseload.


In spite of the various challenges posed by the present political situation and the extended fuel shortage, WFP remains fully operational in Yemen.
A vehicle tracking system has been made operational and it may soon be expanded to include all UN personnel vehicles.
On 12 July 2011, WFP – in collaboration with UNHCR and CSSW – conducted a rapid assessment of Arhab IDPs in Arhab, Raydah and Iyal Suryah districts. The report is expected shortly.
The Emergency Safety Net (ESN) verification exercise in Al-Mahwit, Al-Badiha and Taiz governorates is 46% complete.
A rapid assessment is to be planned for Abyan IDPs living with host communities in Aden.
The July 2011 distribution cycle for the Abyan IDP population in Aden will target a total caseload of 10,000 families, up from 2,543 families in June 2011. This amounts to some 60,000 people and represents WFP’s assumption of additional responsibility for IDPs currently residing with Adeni host communities (in June, WFP had been tasked with assisting only those families who had sought shelter in Adeni school buildings).
The next distribution cycle for the Country Programme will take place in November/December 2011.
Following the conclusion of a field-level agreement, the first distribution cycle for the ESN is expected to take place later this month in the governorates of Amran, Rayma, Ibb and Hajjah. The next nutrition cycle will take place in September and will target 291,000 beneficiaries in all relevant governorates.
July distributions in Sa’adah governorate have been completed. A total of 102,326 war-affected persons (14,618 households) were assisted.
One-month rations are to be distributed in Amran, Haradh, Sa’adah and Sana’a governorates starting 1 August 2011. A total of 53,364 households will be targeted.
The Haradh sub-office is readying itself for a second round of distributions in Sa’adah. The basket distributed will likely be a two-month ration.
The July 2011 distribution cycle for the Abyan IDP population in Aden is expected to commence immediately after all pre-distribution procedures have been finalized.
General food distribution for the refugee population in Kharaz Camp began on 17 July 2011 and is proceeding smoothly.
A nutrition survey is ongoing in Haradh. Training was completed last week and field work is scheduled to commence within the coming days.
As of 19 July 2011, the total stock balance in country was 21,386 metric tons, with commodities being transported to both Hodeidah and Sana’a.
The Logistics Cluster has identified the total monthly fuel requirements for the humanitarian community in Yemen to be 263,612 litres (i.e. 85,261 litres of petrol and 178,351 litres of diesel).
In the first round of WFP-led distributions, some 10,500 litres of petrol and 15,000 litres of diesel were delivered. In the upcoming second round, humanitarian agencies will receive a total of 87,997 litres of fuel.
The construction of the Haradh warehouse compound is nearly complete and the full installation of fuel facilities will follow shortly thereafter.
The Country Office is currently following up with MTN regarding the efficacy of SMS services used to organize food distributions to IDPs in the region. Should WFP decide to initiate a relationship with MTN, the Private Donors Unit will be consulted first.
The field-level agreement that WFP has been discussing with the Society for Human Solidarity concerning the extension of support to all Abyan IDPs in Aden has been effectively signed. Discussions with the ICRC and IOM regarding the extension of WFP support to IDPs in Lahj and Abyan governorates are ongoing.
The Sa’adah sub-office is currently exploring possible partnerships with the Yemen Family Care Association (for supplementary blanket feeding) and Médecins Sans Frontières (for targeted general food distribution).
A Food Security Cluster meeting took place on 18 July 2011.
The next meeting for the Food and Nutrition Working Group is scheduled for 9:00am on 27 July 2011.
Correction: the 11 July 2011 situation report mistakenly announced that a CERF grant had been awarded to support the African migrant population in Al-Mazrak Camp II. There are, however, no such migrants in Al-Mazrak Camp II. The African population to be supported by the grant is generally located in Haradh.


CP 104350: Country Programme (“Food for Girls’ Education”) is experiencing a total 2011 financial shortfall of US $10,000,000.
EMOP 200039: Food Assistance to Conflict-Affected Persons in Northern Yemen is experiencing a total 2011 financial shortfall of US $33,900,000 (based upon an upcoming budget revision).
PRRO 200038: Emergency Food Security and Nutrition Support to Vulnerable Populations in Yemen is experiencing a total 2011 financial shortfall of US $14,200,000; though this figure does not reflect a pending budget revision.
PRRO 200044: Food Assistance for Somali Refugees is experiencing a total 2011 financial shortfall of US $1,300,000.
SO 200130: Air Passenger Service/Logistics Cluster Coordination is experiencing a total 2011 financial shortfall of US $0; though this figure does not reflect a pending budget revision.





Yemen Post Staff
Source: Yemen Post
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