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Last updated: 09:05:38 PM GMT(+03) Wednesday, 16, February, 2011

Crackdown against Protests Continues as Yemen Boils

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 Yemen Post Staff
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By Shaher Abdulhak Saleh

photo by Shaher Abdulhak Saleh

Saleh supporters and bullies continued on Wednesday attacking students and anti-government protesters at Sanaa University, exposing the confusion of the regime and negative steps it is taking to thwart what appears to be a sign of a true revolution in the aftermath of the revolts that forced the Tunisian and Egyptian regimes out.

More than a dozen were injured when the regime supporters gathered early today as usual at the university gate and attacked students and others with steel and wooden batons. The students were also locked inside the university campus and the regime fans hurled stones at students outside and inside the university.

Eyewitnesses said some protesters were beaten severely; in most cases we witnessed, seven to nine bullies ganged up on one anti-government protester.

" One protester ran away from the violent pro-government people to a bus, but they pursued him, beat him and took his cell phone," an eyewitness said.

As the protests are growing in several provinces demanding the removal of the regime and comprehensive reforms, large numbers of policemen with batons continue to spread and blanket cities to oppress the protests.

In Taiz, people are continuing to join thousands of protesters stationed in downtown the city for a sixth straight day and determined to continue until President Saleh, his family and corrupt government quit.

Today, temporary security, media and organizational committees from the protesters started collecting donations to provide necessary items for the protesters to continue.

Also, the people started to set up tents in Oseifra district, vowing to strive for their liberation after the Tunisian and Egyptian people.

There was no violence today in Taiz, as a protester said there were no policemen and bullies at the protest site. "we are continuing peacefully," the protester said.

In the meantime, MPs from the ruling party urged to set a timetable to end the occupation of Tahrir Square in downtown Sanaa, saying setting up hundreds of large tents in the square was a stupid move. " It is a shame on our party to act like that, and the authorities should not use excessive force against the protests," said MP Muhammad Bishr.

MP Ali Al-Maamari warned of using some slogans including incitement to regionalism, saying playing with the card of regionalism and social discrimination can destroy Yemen.

" I also urge to activate the supervisory role of the House of Representatives at this crucial moment Yemen is passing through," he said. Other lawmakers criticized the oppressive measures against protesters including those at Sanaa University.







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Source: Yemen Post Newspaper
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We apologize for technical issues Yemen Post website is facing
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