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Editor Picture The first of a hundred steps is now complete. We salute those who helped the NDC become the road map for the future Yemen. Strides of success were made, but the real test awaits us all. Will the government deliver and turn ink on paper into reality?  
Hakim Almasmari  
 Publisher & Editor in Chief   
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LATEST UPDATES Yemen faces new sabotage attack in Marib :: Fuel prizes spike send Yemenis over the edge :: Yemen’s pipe dream: Reconciliation :: The ransom dilemma, to pay or not to pay :: An officer is slain in Lawdar :: Rising prices at the pump, Yemenis might be in for a rude awakening :: Failed assassination attempt against top military commander :: Those who pray together … :: US diplomat confirms they made contact with Sharif Mobley :: Mike Harvey’s long walk to freedom ::
1 Minute News
  • 11th Al-Jazeera Exhibition Opens in Sana’a
  • Yamama Cement Acquires 20 % in Yemeni Saudi
    Cement Co.
  • 67 People Killed in Traffic Accidents Last Week

1 Minute News
  • 500YR: Fine for Health Ministry Smokers
  • Two Yemeni fugitives to be tried in absentia over tourist bombing
  • Thousands of Yemenis appeal Obama to release

1 Minute News
  • 500YR: Fine for Health Ministry Smokers
  • Children Help Police to Arrest their Kidnapper
  • 260 Accidents Occurred Last Week

1 Minute News
  • China to Set Up National Library
  • Former Prime Minister of New Zealand Arrives to Yemen
  • 41 killed in Traffic Accidents Last Week

1 Minute News
  • More than 1344 People Infected from TB in the Southern Governorates
  • Manuscript Smuggler Arrested at Moevenpick Hotel
  • Agriculture Seizes 3 tons of Prohibited Pesticides

1 Minute News
  • Polio Vaccination Campaign Starts
  • 36 Killed and Hundreds Injured in 256 Traffic Accidents Last Week
  • 3 Somalis Accused of Stealing YR 6 Million in Gold

1 Minute News
  • Yemeni oil export revenues register record low in 1st quarter 2009
  • Prosecution damages 6.3 mln pills
  • Eight dead in 77 traffic accidents in Aden last April

1 Minute News
  • Anti-Corruption National Strategy by SNACC
  • 65 Piracy Acts During 2009
  • More Somalis arrive in Yemeni coast

1 Minute News
  • Saudi Authorities Hold 12 Yemeni Fishermen in Yemeni Waters
  • Strange Gas Exits from Well Killed Three in Mareb
  • Mysterious Death of Yemenia Hostess in Paris

1 Minute News
  • YECO Buys Wheat from Farmers in Mareb
  • 1.3 Million People in Yemen Suffer Blindness and Poor Vision
  • Two Women Killed by Floods in Amran

1 Minute News
  • OFFICIAL REPORT: 80% of Yemeni Women Married between the Age of 10-19 Years
  • Yemeni Students in Malaysia Drowns in Indonesian Hotel
  • President Directed to Providing Jewish Families Ester Gifts

1 Minute News
  • 140 Somali Refugees Arrive Yemen
  • 120 Iraqi Refugees in Yemen Return to Iraq
  • 559 Trade Names Registered in Aden 



1 Minute News
  • Yemeni Businessmen to Visit Netherlands
  • Yemen’s Religious Scholars: Attacking Tourists & Foreigners is Sin
  • Hunt for Twelve Terrorists who Planned to Carry out Attacks

1 Minute News
  • 104 new Somali arrivals in Yemen
  • German language to be Taught in Yemen’s Schools
  • YR 2.6 billion: Hadramout Customs in 2008 



1 Minute News
  • Mitsui to Gain Oil, Gas Concession in Yemen
  • Bani Dhabian Child Kidnappers on Trail
  • Germen Kidnappers under Arrest


1 Minute News
  • 40 Killed in Traffic Accidents Last Week
  • Al-Suhaibi Heads to Russia
  • Reorganization of Education Ministry Reviewed

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 Yemen faces new sabotage attack in Marib
 Fuel prizes spike send Yemenis over the edge
 Yemen’s pipe dream: Reconciliation
 The ransom dilemma, to pay or not to pay
 An officer is slain in Lawdar
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