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Editor Picture By 2015, closed door meetings for Yemen President Abdurabu Hadi will be limited.... Foreign embassy searches not ruled out....Foreign censorship halted..... Yemenis linked with foreign intelligence hunted for.  
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LATEST UPDATES Yemen violence continues :: UN in talks over Yemen humanitarian ceasefire :: International community for peace in Yemen launched :: UN envoy in Yemen amid humanitarian catastrophe :: 858 civilians killed in 100-day war in Aden :: Huge airstrikes shake Yemen capital :: Houthis launch new scud on Saudi Arabia-TV :: 600 soldiers trained by Saudi Arabia arrive in Yemen :: Fresh car bombing hits Yemen capital :: Syndicate warns of ongoing abuse of reporters by Houthis ::
KSA to help Yemen defeat Malaria to protect its people

On World Malaria Day (April 25th) Saudi officials commented in Riyadh that they intend to further assist Yemen, the poorest country in the Arabian Peninsula, fight off Malaria in order to ensure that the disease is completely eradicated by 2020.


MERS-related death prompt fears of outbreak in Yemen

Amid more reports of MERS-related in Saudi Arabia, where the virus has already claimed over 66 lives, Yemen health officials confirmed on Sunday that a man had passed away in Sana’a after having contracted the deadly viral infection.


Yemen health officials move to fight Schistosomiasis

As per explained by PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases Journal, an organization which is devoted to the pathology, epidemiology, treatment, control, and prevention of the NTDs, as well as public policy relevant to this group of diseases, Schistosomiasis, which is one of the most prevalent neglected tropical diseases,


Self sustaining cardiac surgery program established in USTH

We started out the cardiac surgery in 2009 after we completed the infrastructure, equipment and supplies, with endless support of an Egyptian group that ultimately aims to support me as indigenous surgeon and my team to run the program.


Social Health Insurance in Yemen: The Unpaved Road

Yemen is one of the low income countries with low profile of development due to enormous challenges facing the economic, political and social advancements. Social protection is one of the obstacles the government has been tackling over the last decades with minimal success.


Female empowerment through voluntary work in the health sector!

Health system in Yemen has been facing many challenges in the last decade along with the complex emergency situation that includes widespread conflict-driven displacement and a slow-onset crisis in food security, malnutrition and outbreak of communicable diseases particularly in neglected areas.


Yemen AIDS program to tackle stigmatization

Police sources confirmed on Saturday that the disappearance of a Dutch couple from their residence in Hadda (a southern district of the capital home to a majority of diplomats and foreign workers) is likely to be tied up to yet another kidnapping.


More Support to Yemeni Patients and Health Sector; GSK Launches Access to Medicine Program

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) launched its Access to Medicine ATM program in Yemen becoming the first international company to give affordable for Yemeni patients.


Cases of AIDS in Yemen on the rise

Dr Abdul Hamid Suhaibi, General Director for Yemen National Program to Fight Aids established that so far 160 new cases of AIDS had been registered for 2013, a trend which is said to be worrying health officials.


Yemen battles schistosomiasis: national health campaign

The Ministry of Public Health and Population launched on Sunday the second phase of its national campaign against schistosomiasis. The campaign will run over four days across 103 districts in the provinces of Hadhramawt, Shabwa, Abyan, al-Dale, Hodeidah, Marib and al-Baydha.


Professor of Sociology warns against exchanged marriages

Speaking to the Media Line, a non-profit news organization, Dr. Abdul-Baqi Shamsan, professor of sociology at Sana'a University warned against the ill-effects of exchanged marriages, noting such unions were disrupting family ties and creating much anguish.


Health official in Hodeida - Malaria is spreading

Local government Health Director, Mohammed al-Qaboss has warned Hodeida, western province of Yemen, has seen a sharp rise in malaria cases, which he attributes to deteriorating health and sanitary conditions.


Yemen Ministry of Health and Pfizer in joint efforts to uplift healthcare standards in the Republic

H.E. Minister of Public Health and Population (MPHP) of the Republic of Yemen, Prof. Dr Ahmed Qasem Al-Ansi and the senior management of Pfizer, the world's leading pharmaceutical company, in Africa and Middle East represented by


The protection of healthcare: what does it mean in Yemen? Sanaa, March 13th 2013

The protection of healthcare: what does it mean in Yemen? Sanaa, March 13th 2013
Co-organized by the Ministry of Public Health and Population of Yemen and Médecins Sans Frontières


MSF organizes a seminar on the protection of Medical health care in Yemen

In response to the physical and verbal offences that take place in health facilities or against the medical mission and ambulances in Yemen, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) is discussing this issue in a seminar in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Health and Population.


$4 million grant to fight Malaria in Yemen

Less than a week after Yemen Donors' Conference in Yemen which sought to target and define development areas and opportunities in the impoverished nation, Health Minister Ahmed al-Ans announced a $4 million grant to fight malaria had been allocated by GFATM (Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria).


Yemen Bilharzias Campaign to Target 45 Percent of People

Yemen will launch next Sunday the national campaign to fight bilharzias that will cover 160 districts in 12 governorates, said Ahmed Qasim Al-Ansi, the minister of health and population, on Thursday.


Yemen Minister warns against food precariousness in developing countries

Yemen Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, Faris Ahmed Mujawar, warned on Wednesday, at the 36th opening session of the Council of Governors of the International Fund for Agricultural Development - IFAD - against the knock on effects negative economic factors would have on food supplies and prices in developing nations.


International Cancer Day in Yemen

Founded in 2008 by the Union International Cancer Control - UICC - to support the goals of the Wold Cancer Declaration, International Cancer Day aims essentially at raising awareness amid the population and redirect public attention toward research and better treatments for patients.


374 Types of Medicines Smuggled in Yemen

Head of the Yemen healthcare organization Jalal Saeed Al-Turjmi revealed on Monday that about 374 types of the medicines sold in the local market are smuggled.


Medical warnings over Sana'a potable water shops

Doctor Mohammed Rajeh, a GP - General Practitioner - based in Sana'a told the Yemen Post on Monday he was concerned over the quality of water drank by his patients in the last few months as he had noticed a large increase in cases of gallstones and kidney stones, conditions often linked to the consumption of poor quality water or hard water.


Doing good business for better health in Yemen

The drive to ensure access to medicine across Yemen is a vital priority in which private sector companies, governments, NGOs, international agencies and academic institutions all have a vital role to play.


6% of Medications Consumed in Yemen Smuggled, Official Reports

Official reports have said that 60% of medications offered in Yemen are smuggled and the Yemeni people spend about $117 million on medications a year, according to the Algomohoriah newspaper.


25 Percent of Yemenis with Liver Diseases, WHO

About 25 percent of Yemen's population have liver diseases, the highest rate in the Arab states that triggers warnings of a health disaster in the poorest country in the region, the World Health Organization has revealed.


Dengue fever kills dozens in Hodeidah

About 30 persons died of dengue fever and 1200 are infected by this epidemic in the port governorate of Hodeida and no measures were taken to reduce the cases, local sources affirmed.


67 Cases infected with Dengue Fever registered in western Yemen

A medical source in the western Yemeni poverty-hit province of al-Hodeida confirmed on Wednesday that at least 67 cases infected with the Dengue Fever were registered in the province.


Tuberculos​is Affects 12.000 Yemenis Annually, Official Report

An official report has indicated that tuberculosis affects about 12,000 Yemeni people a year, 1400 out of whom die and the others are treated successfully.


Yemen launches first phase of vaccination campaign against Malaria, Polio


Yemeni Ministry of Health launched on Saturday in collaboration with the World Health Organization and UNICEF, the immunization campaign against Malaria and Polio in seven Yemeni provinces: Dhamar, Saddah, Al-Bytha, Shabwa, Aden, Lahj, and Abyan.





The Government of Yemen in collaboration with UNICEF, WHO, USAID, ICRC and other partners today launched a nationwide measles campaign in the capital Sana’a, targeting all children under the age of ten – an estimated eight million. This campaign comes in the wake of an outbreak of the disease in the past few months, with over 3600 reported cases and 126 children under the age of five confirmed dead.



Yemen Study: 97 percent of Hodeidah girls subjected to genital mutilation


A newly-released Yemen study conducted in late 2011 revealed that 97 percent of Hodeidah's girls and 75,8 of Hadramout's are subject to the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM).



Fear of a Pharmaceutical Crisis

Dr Abdel Moneim Estoppel, the Director General of the Supreme Commission for drugs and medical supplies has announced today that Yemen could be heading towards a serious pharmaceutical crisis.



Cancer Patients Protest Blackouts in Yemen Capital

Hundreds of cancer patients at the Tumor Center held a demonstration in Yemen’s capital Sana’a on Saturday to protest the persistent power outages which let them suffer more. 


Doctors learning to communicate better with patients

By Dr Katherine Miles, For the Yemen Post

There was a buzz as 25 doctors of different levels and specialities as well as 2 dentists, acted out role-plays in small groups. Some were acting as patients, others relatives and others doctors as they practised the skills they had just learnt about how to break bad news.


UNICEF: Yemen Makes Noticeable Progress on Education, Healthcare

The UNICEF representative in Yemen Aboudou Karimou Adjibade has said that Yemen has made a noticeable progress in areas such as education, healthcare and care of women and child.


82 % of Taiz People with Dengue Fever, Shows Survey

82 percent of the population in Yemen's western province of Taiz suffered from Dengue Fever, showed a recent survey.


4230 Swine Flu Cases in Yemen; Tight Measures to Prevent Spread of Dengue Fever

According to a report by the Yemeni Ministry of Public Health and Population about the progress of the epidemiological situation of H1N1 Flu in Yemen, the total cases infected by the Virus reached 4230 cases; including 1075 confirmed cases as medical reports statistics showed, while 3155 cases of contact with symptoms of the disease, stated official sources.


Swine Flu in Alarming Surge in Yemen; 3491 Cases Detected

Yemen said on Tuesday that the total of those who have become infected with the pandemic of swine flu, commonly known as H1N1, has reached 3491 people.


A(H1N1) Flu Reaches 2070 Cases in Yemen; 17 dead

The reported cases of Swine Flu A (H1N1) have reached 2070 cases and 17 dead, the official spokesman of the Yemeni government, Minister of Information Hassan Ahmed Al-Lozi stated in a press release on Tuesday.


Yemen Says Receives H1N1 Vaccine
Yemen has announced that it has received H1N1 vaccine from the World Health Organization. The announcement was made in the opening of a training course for a number of pilgrimage agencies in the country that was organized by the Hajji and Umra Department at the Ministry of Endowments and Guidance.

Swine Flu Reaches ''1618'' Cases in Yemen
The official spokesman of the Yemeni government, Minister of Information Hassan Ahmed Al-Lozi stated in a press release that the reported cases of Swine Flu A(H1N1) have reached 1618 cases, including 1102 cases of contact with symptoms of the disease and 516 confirmed cases, as well as recording 16 deaths from the disease.

Seven Schools Closed Nationwide for Swine Flu
Seven schools were closed in several Yemeni governorates due to the spread of swine flu in them, reported media sources. This comes as the Ministry of Education issued directives to school headmasters to close any class in which one case of swine flu is discovered or to shut all classes once more than one case is discovered in several classes in the same school.

International organization Médecins Sans Frontières - France (DoctorsWithout Borders/MSF) suspends its medical activities in Razeh rural hospital –Governorate of Saadah
Following the increasing tension and the fighting in Razeh town in the past few days, last Thursday 15th of October MSF had taken the decision to evacuate a part of its staff and reduce its medical activities in Razeh rural hospital.

Health Ministry Preps School Procedures to Fight Swine Flu
As the new academic year gets underway the Ministry of Health and Population is taken steps to address over the H1N1 Flu virus and to prevent a possible outbreak of the flu virus among students in campuses, official media reported.

Rubbing Water over Body Parts Prevent Spread o f Swine Flu Virus: Doctors
Head of the Yemeni Doctors and Pharmacists Syndicate, Dr. Abdul Qawi Al-Shamiri, said earlier this week that rubbing the water over the body parts-Wudoo- could prevent the spread of flue virus H1N1.

13 deaths as almost 921 swine flu cases reported in Yemen
Yemen has reported 13 deaths from the swine flu as the pandemic continues its surge with the confirmed cases at 921.

As Pandemic Continues to Surge, University Academic Year Postponed

Swine flu continues its surge in Yemen, with almost 200 confirmed cases and six fatalities reported so far. The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announced the delay of the new academic year for a week.


Flu kills third in Yemen

Yemen reported on Sunday a third national had died from the swine flu as it announced 9 more infected cases, that brought the total number of the confirmed cases in the country to 155.


Yemen Reports 20 New Cases of Swine Flu Saturday

Ministry of Health and population announced Saturday discovery of 20 new swine flu cases bringing the total number of patients infected with this communicable virus to 89 in Yemen, official sources reported.


Yemen has 51 H1N1 cases

Yemen announced Tuesday five more cases of swine flu including an Asian laborer. So far, Yemen has reported 51 confirmed cases, some were reported to have recovered after receiving treatments.


Flu gains momentum in Yemen

Yemen has reported a further three swine flu cases, bringing the total number of the confirmed cases in the country to 37.


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