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Editor Picture By 2015, closed door meetings for Yemen President Abdurabu Hadi will be limited.... Foreign embassy searches not ruled out....Foreign censorship halted..... Yemenis linked with foreign intelligence hunted for.  
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LATEST UPDATES Shabwa governor dies in Houthi ambush :: Clashes continue in Aden :: Hadi sets conditions for Geneva Yemen talks :: Pro-government fighters taking battle to Houthi stronghold :: Airstrikes, including misdirected ones, continue in Yemen :: Yemen people protest extrajudicial arrests by Houthis :: Airstrikes target weapon depots in Yemen capital :: Riyadh conference on Yemen concludes :: Yemen conference to be held in Geneva May 28 :: Airstrikes resumed after short Yemen ceasefire ::
Energy firms reopen but fears remain amid deadlock
Oil and gas companies which shut down production operations in mid this month have resumed in Yemen.

Absence of basic services, unemployment top concerns for Yemeni young-poll
Absence of basic services, security deterioration, corruption and unemployment are on top of concerns for Yemeni young men and women, a recent poll said.

Yemen's Unrest and Attacks on Energy Infrastructure Destabilize National Economy
Yemen's economy has deteriorated rapidly in 2014 as attacks on oil pipelines and political unrest continued to drain the country's budget and deepen its financial crisis.

Political developments affect Yemen-donors relationship
The relationship between Yemen and donors has been affected by the latest developments especially the Houthi Militant Group's takeover of the capital city of Sanaa, a Yemeni official told the Alhayat Newspaper.

Yemen terminates power purchase contracts
Yemen started this year the termination of power purchase contracts in accordance with its economic and administrative reform agenda, the finance ministry reported.

Yemen oil revenues drop $892 million by November
Yemen's oil revenue declined to around $1.6 billion during January-November 2014, down by $892 million from the revenue during the same period in 2013, state media reported on Saturday.

Marib tribes deny standing behind Yemen fuel crisis
Local tribes in Yemen's Marib city denied their involvement in closing roads and seizing fuel trucks while holding the government responsible for fuel shortages.

Friends of Yemen Conference, Yemen’s new plan is a go

“We welcome the new Friends of Yemen structure,” said Inger Andersen, World Bank Regional Vice President for the Middle East and North Africa, at the conclusion of the Friends of Yemen Conference meeting this Wednesday.


Friends of Yemen Conference kicks off in London

With the fate of an entire nation riding on the Friends of Yemen Conference, Yemeni officials, among whom, Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi, have been keen to underscore the role of the international community in enabling the poorest nation in the Arabian Peninsula to successfully complete its transition of power and economic stabilisation.


Yemen crude oil export on free fall for February

As Yemenis have once more be made to endure a severe fuel penury and a lengthy electricity blackout following acts of sabotage so severe that the state has been left unable to cope, forced to admit defeat as officials scramble to return civilian life to some form of normality, the Central Bank of Yemen published a report in which it revealed that Yemen’s February crude oil exports “fell to 800,000 barrels from an estimated 2 million in January.”


Technological breakthrough is attributed to Yemeni national

In the midst of much gloom and doom, Yemenis were reminded earlier this February that Yemen does indeed hold a few untapped resources of its own: human potential.


Yemen’s economic outlook remains grim

A report from the World Bank published earlier last week came to concur the International Monetary Fund (IMF) findings that Yemen, among other countries in the region, will require external “financing worth up to $50 billion in 2015”, should it be expected to avoid a massive economic meltdown.


Officials prepare for Friends of Yemen meeting in London

A source at the Saudi Foreign Ministry denied on Tuesday rumours relating to tensions existing in between Yemen and GCC countries, noting that the Friends of Yemen’s meeting relocation to London as opposed to Riyahd (Saudi Arabia) should be understood as a mere technical rearrangement, nothing more.


Investing in Telecommunication Remains Difficult for Yemen Businessmen

Obstacles stand in the way of four major Yemeni companies seeking to invest in the country's telecommunication sector, official sources confirmed.


Officials deny media reports regarding oil subsidies

In recent weeks several local media have alleged that the central government intends to put an end to oil subsidies, in line with the IMF (International Monetary Funds) recommendations in order to meet its financial obligations and free much needed cash.


The dangers of working in Yemen

In a report published on Wednesday, IRIN highlighted the ever-increasing dangers faced by aid workers in Yemen, as kidnappings and targeted killings have become more than just occasional hazards.


Yemen Oil minister calls for UK to invest in Oil industry

Yemen newly appointed Oil and Minerals Minister, Khaled Mahfouz Bahah has called on Britain to increase its footprint in Yemen by considering making substantial investment into the country’s oil and gas industry. Although not considered a heavyweight oil and gas producer, Yemen has proven in recent months that its natural resources reserves have thoroughly under-estimated and more importantly under-valued, thus making the impoverished nation a valuable asset for wannabe investors.


Explosion in Mareb forces pipeline shut down

Local officials confirmed on Saturday that yet another attack in the eastern province of Mareb against the main crude export pipeline forced engineers to call for a complete shut-down of the oil flow and provision for a repair team to be dispatched on-site.


Yemen faces fresh economic woes

While Yemen continues to face a protracted political crisis both north and south of its capital, caught in between the Houthis’ advances and al-Harak’ secessionist claims, the impoverished nation seems to be enthralled in a never-ending cycle of violence, unrest and aggravated political tensions.


Yemen’s approves more spending for 2014

As 2013 is drawing to a close, Yemen coalition government confirmed it approved on Thursday a draft annual budget for 2014 which provisions for an increase of 4% in comparison to 2013 state spending. Yemen’s 2014 state spending budget has been set at $13.4 billion.


Shaher Abdulhak to invest more in Yemeni Telecommunication Sector

An executive for Shaher Trading, a company owned by prominent Yemeni businessman Shaher Abdulhak, said the company is strongly studying the possibilities of increasing its investments in the Yemeni telecommunication sector within a year.


Yemen sits on third of oil global stock says Minister Bahah

Only a few days into his appointment as Yemen’s new Oil and Mineral Minister, that Khaled Mahfouz Bahah has already made the headlines over a statement he issued in 2013 regarding Yemen’s oil reserves. Minister Bahah declared last year that Yemen, as an oil producer country, sat on a third of the world global stock reserve.


At a cost of YR 1.4 billion, Yemen LNG and Governor of Marib sign three development agreements

Yemen LNG General Manager, Jacques Azibert, and the Governor of Marib Sheikh Sultan Al-Aradah, signed in Sana’a today three agreements that will provide YR 1.4 billion in financing for 40 community development projects benefiting the people of Marib.


At a cost of YR 568 million, Yemen LNG and Governor of Shabwah sign four development agreements on education, agriculture, fisheries and refugees support

Yemen LNG General Manager, Jacques Azibert, and the Governor of Shabwa, Ahmed BaHajj, signed today in Sana’a four development agreements at a total cost of YR 568 million.


Sabotage attack stop oil flow in Marib

Local officials in the eastern province of Marib confirmed on Tuesday morning that “unidentified assailants” targeted Marib oil pipeline which led to a forced shut down of all activities in the area thus prompting a halt of the oil flow to Ras Isa terminal in the Red Sea.


Yemen unemployment crisis could soon phase out

The poorest and most populous country in the Arabian Peninsula, one of Yemen’s biggest challenges in the coming years will remain high unemployment level and a lack of opportunities for its ever-growing youth.


Yemen’s Rich Club: Social responsibility

The poorest country of the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen is much better known for its over-lapping social, political and security crises than its billionaires’ list. And yet, a country of many contradictions, Yemen is home to some of the world’s richest.


MTN voted 2013 best investment company in Yemen

Hossam Sa’ad, MTN Yemen Director General received on Thursday an award which recognizes MTN as Yemen 2013 best investment company, an achievement which was hailed by great many state officials and dignitaries, including Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Iqbal Yassin Bahader, Fares Saqqaf, Advisor to the President as well as others.


Ethiopia to sell Yemen electricity

Ethiopian officials have confirmed on Wednesday that they are currently looking into a potential electricity deal with Yemen, where Addis Ababa would help Sana’a fill its power deficit by export its surplus of electricity. It is important to note that the project has yet to be proven not only feasible but commercially and financially viable, before negotiations in between both countries could even be considered.


TOTAL faces a difficult future in Yemen

With a growing number of Yemenis looking expectantly at President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi to resolve Yemen-France controversial LNG deal (Liquefied Natural Gas), TOTAL which is Yemen’s biggest foreign investor, faces a complicated future, as many feel the French company overstayed its welcome the second it attempted to exploit the nation’s natural resources.


Explosion at the Oil ministry in Yemeni capital

Although it was first announced by international media this Sunday that armed militants attempted to storm Yemen Oil Ministry by ramming an explosive-laden vehicle into one of its buildings, in a move reminiscent to 2013 terror attack against the Defence Ministry, it appeared that instead, terrorists booby-trapped an intelligence officer’s vehicle before detonated it near the ministry.


Statement in response to incorrect information about Yemen LNG Company

Yemen LNG has picked up a series of incorrect information recently conveyed in media and social networks about Yemen LNG Company.


Tawakkul Karman spearheads protest against French oil giant TOTAL

Hundreds of Yemeni Youth protesters and activists answered this Thursday, Tawakkul Karman’s calls to move against TOTAL, the French-based oil company, on account it has exploited Yemen’s natural resources.


Press Release : on Block 10 Site Strike Situation

Total E&P Yemen confirms that on February 2, 2014 the strike called by Block 10 Union was lifted starting at 2:00 PM.


France – Yemen controversy rages on over gas prices

With Yemen nowhere near a resolution deal with France over the selling price of its liquefied natural gas (LNG) protesters and activists returned to the streets this Sunday to voice their discontent at French-owned TOTAL E&P, the main stakeholders in Yemen gas deal.


Press Release: Yemen LNG confirms plant remains in operation following a rocket-launched attack offshore Balhaf

Yemen LNG confirms that today, Friday, 31st January 2014, at around 02:30am, a blast sounded offshore the Balhaf Plant, coming from a rocket-launched explosive device.


Yemen LNG celebrates the award of LNG Diplomas to a first batch of graduate engineers at its LNG School, the only one of its kind in Yemen

Yemen LNG celebrated in Sana’a today, 28 January, the award of LNG Diplomas to a first batch of graduate engineers who have successfully completed a Diploma of Petroleum Studies, Major in Liquefied Natural Gas, at the Yemen LNG School of Technology in Balhaf, Shabwa. Held under the auspices of the Ministry of Oil and Minerals,  


Total E&P Yemen Selects Eleven Yemeni Students in TOTAL 2014 Scholarship Programme

Total E&P Yemen is pleased to announce the selection of eleven Yemeni recipients of TOTAL Scholarship Programme for the year 2014.


Hadhramawt tribes declare war on DNO

Hadhramawt Tribes Confederacy gave DNO, (Norwegian-based Oil company) an ultimatum this Saturday, calling on management to halt all activities until their demands of retributions be fulfilled by Sana’a central government.


Yemen turns east to find new partners

As Yemen puts its political affairs in order, ready to embark on a new chapter of its history, officials have been keen to look for new business opportunities with new regional partners as to increase the nation’s visibility on a global level and thus turn Yemen into an economic power-house worthy of its potential.


Living below the poverty line

More than two years have passed since Yemenis took to the streets to denounce poverty and unemployment; yet no improvement has been witnessed on the ground. If anything Yemenis suffer more now than they have done prior to 2011.


Turmoil in Hadhramawt

Officials at the Oil Ministry have confirmed on Tuesday that disgruntled armed tribesmen from the south-eastern province of Hadhramawt yet again chose to target state oil facilities to express their resentment and anger toward Sana’a, putting a heavy strain on the oil industry.


Tribesmen target Hadhramawt oil facilities

Only a day after tribesmen sabotaged south-eastern Hadhramawt oil pipeline, as to exert revenge on the government for the killing of prominent tribal leader, Sheikh Said Bin Habrish last December, armed tribal militant once again chose to demonstrate their ire by blowing the major pipeline, thus yet again bringing all activities to a standstill.


Southern tribesmen blow up pipeline

A day after the military targeted a funeral tent in the southern province of Daleh, which lies over 300 kilometres south of the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, local officials in Hadhramawt (south-eastern province) confirmed that southern exploded a section of a pipeline, thus disrupting the flow of oil.


Yemen’s approves more spending for 2014

As 2013 is drawing to a close, Yemen coalition government confirmed it approved on Thursday a draft annual budget for 2014 which provisions for an increase of 4% in comparison to 2013 state spending. Yemen’s 2014 state spending budget has been set at $13.4 billion.  


Locusts plague Yemen

According to Relief Web, the leading online source for reliable and timely humanitarian information on global crises and disasters since 1996, “faces a particularly worrisome situation” in regards to its current Desert Locus infestation.



Yemen airports shut down following Union movement

Airports across Yemen had to close down for several hours this Tuesday after Union representatives called on all workers to suspend their activities as a result of a dispute with the Treasury.


Dissidents target Yemen oil industry

Officials confirmed this Friday that armed saboteurs managed late on Thursday evening to elude security and blew up a section of Yemen eastern region oil pipeline in the restive province of Marib, east of the capital, Sana’a.


Yemen General Investment Authorities says things are getting better

Amid worrying reports pointing to aggravated political unrest and spreading unsecurity, one of Yemen’s financial bodies announced that all was not gloom and doom in the land of Sheba.


Update on the Incident at Yemen LNG’s Balhaf Plant on 06th December 2013

Further to Yemen LNG’s Press Release of Friday, 6th December, Yemen LNG can confirm that a rocket-launched explosive device landed on the ground inside the Balhaf Plant at the extremity of the process area. There were no injuries and only slight property damage. Production and shipping operations continue.


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