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Editor Picture The first of a hundred steps is now complete. We salute those who helped the NDC become the road map for the future Yemen. Strides of success were made, but the real test awaits us all. Will the government deliver and turn ink on paper into reality?  
Hakim Almasmari  
 Publisher & Editor in Chief   
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LATEST UPDATES Clarification on the CSR Program of 2014 in Block 10 Concession Area :: Yemen to release 64 Egyptian fishermen :: Militants break into Yemen Interior Ministry, shut office :: Houthi Militant Group rejects participation in Yemen government :: Reports reveal deal to seize cities as Security Council prepares for Yemen sanctions :: Houthi militants attack checkpoint killing officer, soliders in central Yemen :: JMP: No government participation if factions not equally represented in Yemen :: Yemeni factions to hold Brussels conference to salvage transition accomplishments :: Dozens of Houthi killed in two days in AQAP Yemen stronghold :: Situation remains tense in Yemen Ibb city ::
Clarification on the CSR Program of 2014 in Block 10 Concession Area

Total E&P Yemen would like to emphasize its full commitment of its social responsibility towards the local communities. This is an irrevocable decision as TEP Yemen’s social responsibility is part of Total’s corporate strategy.


IMF gives Yemen $73.8 million in first amount of three-year loan

Yemen has received $73.8 million as the first available part of a three-year $552.9 million loan provided by the International Monetary Fund to help the country boost economic recovery and growth, Saba agency quoted Finance Minister Mohammed Zimam as saying on Wednesday.


Press Release: Yemen LNG confirms that it is fully operational

Sana’a, 26 September 2014 – Yemen LNG confirms that it is fully operational in Sana’a and Balhaf with Plant operations, including LNG exports, continuing as normal.


Yemen approves new fuel price as from tonight

Yemen will start tonight selling fuels for new prices after a peace deal signed by the government and Houthi militants called for further lowering the recently hiked prices.


Yemen, GDF Suez in talks to improve 2015's LNG price

Yemen started on Thursday improved price talks with GDF Suez in Paris as the country is pushing LNG buyers to raise the price under their long-term contracts, state media reported.


WB gives Yemen $3 million to develop higher education quality

The World Bank has agreed to give Yemen a $3 million loan in support of the government's efforts to develop higher education and performance of college graduates.


Attacks on crude pipes blamed for continued drop in Yemen oil revenue


Yemen's oil revenues dropped during the first seven months of this year by $481 million compared with the same period last year, state media reported on Sunday quoted a report by the Central Bank of Yemen.



Yemen LNG announces winners of 2014 scholarship program; 20 new scholarships to France for 2015

Under the auspices of H.E. Minister of Oil and Minerals Mr. Rasheed Al-Kaf, Yemen LNG awarded in Sana’a today 17 new bachelor and master scholarships to France in the presence of representatives of the government and the French embassy and families of the scholarship winners.




Yemen Takes Candian Nexen to Court

Yemen will not give up a lawsuit against Canadian Nexen over environmental pollution caused when the company was operating Block 14 in Hadramout governorate, officials said.


Total E&P Yemen Sponsors Aman Awareness Campaign

Total E&P Yemen is sponsoring for the second year the Aman Awareness Campaign organized by Yemen Without Qat Foundation. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the health risks to pregnant and lactating women and infants caused by chewing qat such as malnutrition of which negatively affects the normal growth of fetus and mothers health.


Yemen to start operation of Marib II Plant in December

Yemen plans to start experimental operation of the Marib gas-fired power plant, Stage II, in December as it pins hopes on the project to resolve current power problems, officials from the electricity ministry said on Tuesday.


Yemen loses $4.7 billion in avoided taxes a year-Symposium

Yemen loses around $4.7 billion due to tax avoidance a year and has only 3.08% registered taxpayers, Mahmoud Qayah, Friedrich Ebert Foundation's program director, said on Sunday.


GCC Foreign Ministers to discuss developments in Yemen Saturday

The Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council Abdul Latif Al-Zayani has revealed that GCC foreign ministers will meet to discuss the latest developments in Yemen this Saturday.


Yemen's crude pipeline shut down after blast

Tribal saboteurs bombed on Saturday Yemen's Marib oil pipeline, the latest attack in a series of acts of sabotage targeting the country's oil and gas pipelines since 2011, a Yemeni official said.


For fifth successive year, China ranks as first trade partner with Yemen in 2013

China came on top of countries importing Yemeni products in 2013 and continued to be the largest trade partner of Yemen for the fifth successive year, a report published by the official Althawra Daily said on Wednesday.


CBY Governor: Fiscal situation stable after reforms in Yemen

Governor of the Central Bank of Yemen Mohammed bin Hamam said on Tuesday the fiscal conditions and banking activity in the country is stable mainly due to increasing trust of investors in the Yemeni Rial and increasing demand for foreign currency.


Hadi says oil subsidy reform "patriot decision to prevent fall of national currency"

Transition president in Yemen Abdrabu Mansour Hadi said on Sunday the recently approved oil subsidy reform was a patriot decision that was aimed at preventing the fall of the national currency against foreign currencies.



Friends of Yemen to hold meeting in New York next month

Friends of Yemen Group will hold its eighth meeting in New York next month to discuss progress in the political transition as well as economic, security and human rights issues in the country.


As trade delegation arrives in Sanaa, China says to broaden cooperation with Yemen

Yemen's Planning and International Cooperation Mohammed Al-Sadi urged on Wednesday to start the Aden Port Expansion and Development Project as soon as possible as a delegation from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce arrived in the capital city of Sanaa on a several-day visit.


Economists say lifting oil subsidies not enough to address Yemen’s financial problems

Yemeni economists said the recently approved oil subsidy reform was not enough to address financial problems faced in Yemen mainly due to repeated attacks on crude pipelines, delayed donor aid and absence of visions to develop the non-oil sector.


Yemen approves October crude sales at 2.9 million barrels, committee

Yemen's Supreme Committee on Crude Marketing approved on Sunday the October loading crude sales 2014 at 2.9 million barrels.


International Monetary Fund confirms $560 million loan

Yemen Planning and Finance Minister, Mohammed al-Saadi confirmed on Friday that the IDF (International Monetary Funds) finalized a loan agreement with the impoverished nation worth $560 million since Sana’a central government make good on its commitment to reform its fiscal system by cutting off its oil subsidies ‘system.


Tribesmen blow up pipeline, the state fixes it

For what seem to be the nth time this year, tribesmen in the oil rich province of Marib targeted the country’s main oil pipeline in an attempt to exert pressure on the central government and thus force officials to comply with their demands.


Calvalley Petroleum faces strike action

Employees at Calvalley Petroleum Inc, the Canadian-based oil company, have confirmed this week that unless management acknowledges and acts on a certain number of issues, Union members would have no other choice but call on a general strike.


Yemenis continue to denounce fuel prize rise

While the Yemeni government has spent much energy trying to defend its decision to end all fuel-related subsidies, arguing that such expenditure could no longer be justified under Yemen’s current financial strain, Yemenis are adamant the decision needs to be overturn.


World Bank backs Yemen’s recovery

If Yemen is digging dip to reform its institutions, its officials having understood that without swift changes Yemen will only slip further into unrest and financial destitution, the impoverished nation is not doing it alone.


Yemen faces new sabotage attack in Marib

As Yemenis took to the streets in anger following the central government decision to end its oil subsidy policy, thus raising the prices of petrol at the pump by 60%, armed tribesmen directed their wrath at the country’s main pipeline in Marib.


Fuel prizes spike send Yemenis over the edge

As Yemenis woke up to new prices at the pump, anger erupted, spreading faster than wildfire across the streets of the capital, Sana’a and beyond.


Yemen resumes activities in Marib oil installations

Following a series of sabotage attacks on its Marib’s oil installations (Yemen’s main oil pipelines which run through the province of Marib was attacked by armed tribesmen on several instances over the past few weeks, thus forcing officials to halt all activities on-site) Marib local officials confirmed that workers have resumed their work as usual.


Yemen’s economic reforms make Yemenis angry

While President Abdo Rabbo Mansour might have feel compelled to roll out a series of unpopular economic and financial reforms in bid to stop his country from haemorrhaging money, Yemenis are certainly not taking the news with a smile, not when on the ground their quality of life is depreciating by the minute.


Yemen’s oil pipeline suffers another attack

Officials at the oil ministry confirmed on Sunday that Yemen suffered yet another attack against its oil infrastructure on Saturday when tribal dissidents targeted the country’s main oil pipeline in the province of Marib, thuse forcing the authorities to halt all activities.


New economic measures make no mention of corruption

While President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi announced late on Wednesday that Yemen would have to abide by a set of strict new financial rules to prevent the nation’s economic system to completely collapse, the embattled president made no mention of Yemen’s most chronic and debilitating problem: corruption.


Press Release: Al-Rayan Micro-financing Program: A shining example of TEP Yemen’s Success in Project Sustainability

Total E&P Yemen is pleased to announce that it will launch in the coming few days the Second Phase of Al-Rayan Micro-financing Program in its Block 10 concession area.


Press Release on PEC Power Plant on Block 10

Total E&P Yemen would like to provide the following information regarding the supply of natural gas to the power plant owned by Public Electricity Corporation (PEC) which serves the community of Wadi Hadhramout.


Arab Monetary Fund to lend Yemen $168 million

AMF (Arab Monetary Fund) announced on Wednesday that it would lend Yemen, the poorest and most populous country in the Arabian Peninsula $168 million toward supporting its economic recovery and promote sustainable growth.


Press Release: Total E&P Yemen Provides Receivers to Local Sports Clubs to Follow Football World Cup Matches

Yemen has confirmed this week its plan to build a monster highway linking its most southern seaport, Aden to Saudi Arabia. The project will according to estimation cost an excess of $3.5 billion and it will stretch over 710km, the biggest road project ever imagined in Yemen.


Yemen’s monster project underway

Yemen has confirmed this week its plan to build a monster highway linking its most southern seaport, Aden to Saudi Arabia. The project will according to estimation cost an excess of $3.5 billion and it will stretch over 710km, the biggest road project ever imagined in Yemen.


Union strike hits DNO hard

If DNO declaration of “force majeure” in Yemen as a result of a Union strike is anything to go by, Yemen ‘s unionists must be pretty please with themselves as their move against the Norwegian oil company is working as planned.


Press Release: Total E&P Yemen Sponsors ‘Talking Business’ Events

On Friday, 20 June, Total E&P Yemen sponsored the ‘Talking Business’ event organized by the Yemeni non-profit ROWAD Foundation. Around 80 youths attended the event at the Al-Bustan Hotel in Sana’a and had the opportunity to discuss business with senior business executives.


Press Release: Total E&P Yemen Sponsors Two Yemeni Professors in Total Energy and Education Seminar

From the 1st to the 6th of June 2014, TOTAL organized an Energy and Education Seminar in Paris, France. The seminar was attended by 76 university professors from 50 countries including two professors from Yemen who represented the University of Sana’a and the University of Hadramout for Science and Technology.


DNO workers go on strike over benefits dispute

Yemen Trade Union Committee for DNO workers announced in a statement to the press on Monday that all workers at the Norwegian-based oil company would suspend all activities since the company leadership had failed to fulfil its promises and obligations towards staff.


Yemen inflation shoots up amid political instability and sabotage attacks

As Yemen was left reeling from an aggravated fuel penury and power blackout following a series of sabotage attacks on its power lines, Yemen Central Bank revealed less than positive economic figures on Sunday, announcing that annual inflation had risen to 7.6% in March, the highest it’s been this year.


Yemen humanitarian black hole fuels crisis

If most agree that Yemen does indeed face a humanitarian crisis of catastrophic proportion, the country stretch to the very limit of the sufferable and sustainable, no one so far has been able to figure out how to get Yemen the help it so desperately need.


Finding work in Yemen, difficult but no impossible says Skills Development Fund

In a recent interview with al-Shorfa Faisal al-Maqtari, the executive director for the SDF (Skills Development Funds) explained how his office had been working in collaboration with government officials to devise a program which would empower Yemen Youth through vocational training and skills building.


World Bank finances Yemen highway project

In a statement published on Wednesday, the World Bank (WB) confirmed that it will fund Yemen’s roads development by putting forward an aid package which will enable the construction of “a new highway, which will connect the port city of Aden in the south with the Saudi Arabian border near Saada in the north, a total length of 710 km.”


Tackling hunger in Yemen

Speaking in Geneva this Friday World Food Program’ spokeswoman, Elizabeth Byrs warned that Yemen, the most populous and impoverished nation in the Arabian Peninsula was “teetering on the edge” of a humanitarian crisis of devastating proportion.


Yemen in the throes of sabotage attacks on its oil industry

Yemen officials announced on Friday that engineers eventually managed to repair the damages which were caused by a series of sabotage attacks earlier this month (May), thus allowing crude oil to one again flow freely through Marib pipeline.


Yemen and the World Trade Organization

As of May 27th, 2014 Yemen has deposited its “Instrument of Acceptance” with World Trade Organization, Director-General Roberto Azevedo, thus confirming its membership terms. According to WTO rules, Yemen will become a full-fledged member on 26 June 2014.


Contradictory reports on Yemen’s oil reserves

Back in March 2014, then-newly appointed Oil and Minerals Minister, Khaled Mahfouz Bahah made the headlines when a report he published in 2013, claimed Yemen was sitting on a third of the world global stock reserve. Since until then, officials had all been dancing to the tune of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s oil reserves tune, saying to whomever would listen that Yemen’s natural resources were fast depleting, Minister Bahah’s assessment understandably prompted a debate.


The hungry of Yemen

While Yemen armed forces continue to assault al-Qaeda positions across the southern territories, the impoverished nation is still facing an aggravated humanitarian crisis which proportion have gone from catastrophic to cataclysmic.


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