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Editor Picture By 2015, closed door meetings for Yemen President Abdurabu Hadi will be limited.... Foreign embassy searches not ruled out....Foreign censorship halted..... Yemenis linked with foreign intelligence hunted for.  
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LATEST UPDATES Houthis launch new scud on Saudi Arabia-TV :: 600 soldiers trained by Saudi Arabia arrive in Yemen :: Fresh car bombing hits Yemen capital :: Syndicate warns of ongoing abuse of reporters by Houthis :: Government says Aden port attack unprecedented war crime :: UN deep concern about civilians amid ongoing conflict in Yemen :: 586 die of dengue fever in Yemen :: Houthis attack Aden refinery :: Arab coalition intensifies Yemen raids :: One killed in Saba news agency bombing ::
Yemen talks should begin after halt to violence
Saudi capital Riyadh has been hosting meetings including those with members of the former ruling party in Yemen amid reports the international community is working hard to help Yemenis find a political solution to the crisis.

Suspected Houthi militants abduct presidency official in Yemen
Director of the office of Yemen's transition president, Dr. Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak, was abducted on Saturday amid escalating tensions between the presidency and the Houthi Militant Group.

Yemen slams aggressive media campaign after Paris attack
Yemen's transition president Abdu Rabbu Mansour criticized aggressive media campaign against Yemen after the Paris attack, state media reported on Thursday.

Yemen slams aggressive media campaign after Paris attack
Yemen's transition president Abdu Rabbu Mansour criticized aggressive media campaign against Yemen after the Paris attack, state media reported on Thursday.

AQAP claims Paris attack
The Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) claimed responsibility for the attack on the French Newspaper Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday and threatened more attacks in response to those who offend Islam.

Hadi: Yemen suffers from terrorism not exports it
Transition president Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi has said Yemen receives and suffers from terrorism not exports it to other countries.

Committee on Marib, Jawf starts mission
The Committee on Marib and Jawf arrived Tuesday night in Marib governorate in a bid to deescalate violence and clashes between local tribes and Houthi militants.

Yemen Journalists Syndicate death threat to Aljazeera reporter
Yemeni Journalists Syndicate on Tuesday condemned a death threat by unknown person to the manager of the office of Aljazeera TV, Saeed Thabit.

Militants release Yemen intelligence officer
Houthi militants have released Yemeni intelligence officer Yahya Al-Marrani on conditions including firing from his post as manager of the internal security section at the Political Security Apparatus.

Yemen arrests Iranian-born Israeli spy: agency
Yemen has completed investigation of an Iranian national accused of spaying for Israel and preaching for Bahai religion and referred his case to the court, the official Saba agency reported on Monday.

Yemen Socialists accuse Saleh, GPC of coup plot
The Yemeni Socialist Party on Monday accused the former president Ali Abdullah Saleh and his party of plotting to coup against the transition president Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

Security officer shot dead in central Yemen
Gunmen killed early Monday a security officer in central Yemen, the second assassination in a week and the latest in a spate of targeted killings against military and security officials since 2011.

Foundation: Yemen sees rise in attacks on media in 2014
The Freedom Foundation said on Sunday it had documented 359 attacks against reporters and media organizations in Yemen during 2014.

Hadi forms committee on Marib, Jawf
Yemen's transition president Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi formed a committee on the Marib and Jawf issues, the official Saba agency reported on Sunday.

Houthis storm office of Yemen Information Minister
Yemen's Information Minister Nadia Al-Saqqaf said on Thursday Houthi militants stormed her office and threatened to hold positions at it by force as the Houthi Group continues to tighten its grip on power.

Yemen's Hadi gets a copy of new constitution draft
Yemen's transition president Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi met on Wednesday with the constitution-drafting committee and was handed a copy of the draft of the new constitution.

Toll from Yemen bombing rises, 37 dead
The toll from the attack at the Yemen Police College increased to 37 dead and 66 wounded, a security official said on Wednesday.

Tens killed, injured in Yemen Police College bombing
An explosives-laden car was detonated at the Police College in Yemen's capital city of Sanaa killing at least 26 and injuring tens of others.

Video & Appeal: Fahd and his stay in Guantanamo

In an unequal world, we need inclusive growth

For a very long time, the rich have known to some extent how the poor around the world live. What’s new in today's world is that the best-kept secret from the poor, namely, how the rich live, is now out. Through the village television, the Internet and hand-held instruments, which a rapidly increasing number of the poor possess, life-styles of the rich and the middle class are transmitted in full color to their homes every day.


Yemenis in Guantanamo Prison Still Going Nowhere – Lawyer

MOSCOW – Of the 56 Yemeni prisoners recommended for release at US’s Guantanamo Bay prison, none have made it home despite the lifted moratorium on returning them to their native land, a lawyer representing four of them told RIA Novosti Wednesday.


Iran must stay out of Yemeni affairs: analysts

The Iranian regime must support Yemen's political process and cease any actions that undermine its security and stability, analysts say.


Yemen’s oil and gas resources, a tale of money and politics

Yemen’s oil and gas resources have often been a matter of contentious, with many parties, including Yemen’s former President Ali Abdullah Saleh alleging and sustaining that the impoverished nation’s resources have been dwindling, while others, mainly political activists have beg to differ, arguing that Yemen actually sat on vast resources of both oil and gas.


Yemen political giant stands on shaky ground

When the Houthis, (Shiite tribal militants based in northern Sa’ada) first moved against Salafis in Dammaj, calling for the departure of what the group perceived as religious extremists and wannabe Jihadist, most experts rationalized such bellicose stance by bringing the issue down to sectarianism, missing on a much grander political agenda.


Yemen enters post-NDC phase

Although world leaders were keen to hail Yemen’s NDC final resolution a “historical breakthrough” and a statement to Yemenis’ dedication and commitment to a peaceful resolution to their political conundrum, the country has yet to overcome a series of hurdle which still threatens its very core.


Yemen’s perfect storm is forming

Although the international community and Yemen government officials have been keen to hail the impoverished nation for its successful transition of power, calling on other revolutionary nations across the region to align themselves on Yemen’s example, Yemenis are still waiting for their silver-lining.


Political procrastination risks swallowing Yemen whole

Although President Abdo Rabbo Mansour promised many times over the past few months that Yemen NDC - National Dialogue Dialogue - would neither suffer nor tolerate any delay, as the nation's future stood in the balance, Mohammed Qahtan, spokesman for the southern issue announced Tuesday that the Dialogue had been extended to October following difficulties.


The writing is on the wall says Yemeni professor

As Yemen finds itself caught in the eye of a terror storm, the warnings of one Dr. Tarek Mustafa Salam, the secretary-general of the Center for Development and Gender at Sanaa University, barely made it to the media.


No More Promises, Actions Speak Truth: Guantanamo Prison Must be Shut Down

HOOD and Mr. David Remes, the American lawyer representing 15 Yemeni Guantanamo detainees, held a joint press conference at the main headquarters of HOOD in Sana'a yesterday.


Abdulelah Haider Shaye speaks of injustice

Abdulelah Haider Shaye, Yemen's unwilling political victim of America's war against terror has now become the epitome of political manipulation, foreign interferences and injustice.


Houthis Claim to want to build a strong democratic state in Yemen

While the Houthis, a group of Shiite rebels who are now seeking to enter mainstream politics as a way to legitimize their movement, are being accused by their political and religious arch enemy, al-Islah ,


Al-Qaeda, America' sense of security is an illusion

In a direct message to the United States of America, Qassim al-Rimi, al-Qaeda Yemen's commander in chief warned that the Boston bombing had proved America's inability to adequately protect itself from internal threats.


Yemen’s Military-Security Reform: Seeds of New Conflict?

Yemen must take further steps to reform its security forces, or longstanding divisions could well undermine its political transition, which entered into a six-month “national dialogue” on 18 March.


Dialogue, not the Only Alternative

Many observers continue to express their pessimism toward the two-week old dialogue process. Often the line of criticism focuses on the absence of an alternative, a plan B, based on continued obstruction by various political elements and mismanagement on the part of international actors.


General People's Congress to stage a comeback in 2014?

In a comment made last week to al-Jazeera, on the occasion of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh's birthday party at his Sana'a residence, Gen. Yehia Mohammed Saleh, former Chief of the Central Security Forces and Saleh's nephew, commented defiantly that his family and party will be back in power in 2014 (in time for the next presidential elections)


National Dialogue loses three members over southern repression issue - report

Ahead of Thursday demonstrations in Aden, the authorities decided to arrest two radical leaders -- Qassem Askar - leader of the more radical branch of the Harak


United Nations inches toward an Iranian-al-Qaeda connection

As the media is going on overdrive reporting how Iran is providing high-tech military weapons to the Houthis - Yemeni Shia rebel group based in the northern province of Sa'ada - fresh reports from the United Nations Security Council are indicating a link in between Ayatollah Iran and Al-Qaeda in Somalia.


Law and Order - Criminals are allowed to roam free

Ever since the disintegration of the state institutions in 2011 when the revolution laid waste three decades of an autocratic regime, Yemen's Pandora's box was left opened and from it poured insecurity, crimes, violence and instability.


Federalism, Decentralization and Regional Integration for Yemen

With factions in Yemen -- Southern Secessionist Movement aka al-Harak and the Houthis, Shia rebel group based in the northern Yemeni province of Sa'ada -- continue to call for the boycott of the much anticipated National Dialogue, politicians are advancing federalism could hold all of the nation's answers and preserve its unity.


Anti-Terror Campaign - Human Cost

Yemen and the United States of America began their partnership against terror over a decade ago, when in 2001, on the wake of al-Qaeda 's attack on the Twin towers in New York then-President Ali Abdullah Saleh made a historic trip to the White House and pledge to open his country to America and wedge war on al-Qaeda cells in the region.


Political upheaval delays economic growth and social welfare programs

A year into the transition process Yemen is no where near a resolution of its political fracture and factions' refusal to compromise is now preventing the government from tapping into international aid money


SNACC Tells Yemen President top officials in government are Corrupt

Yemen Post received a translated version of the letter sent by the Supreme National Anti Corruption Committee to President Hadi where they said senior leaders in the current government practice corruption. Below is the letter:


Who is to gain in Yemen-Turkey fall out?

Politicians of the opposition in Turkey are using the discovery of weapons being smuggled to Yemen as proof to support their claims Erdogan’s government - Justice and Development Party – is enabling Sunni radical groups in the region as part of a wider move toward regional hegemony.


Iranian Influence, Rising Asian Powers, and the Significance of Yemen as a Long-Term U.S. Strategic Partner

The Gulf is one of the most significant geopolitical regions in the world. It is the gateway for global energy.


Sectarian strife in Yemen reaching Danger Zone

The sectarian strife in Yemen we're facing is not only a political crisis but a sectarian one. It has existed for years but now it's out in the open; Sunni-Shiite tensions are rising in Yemen. Yemeni Zaidis, from the Shia school of thought


"Innocence of Muslims," Media Coverage and the Importance of Press Freedom

At times like these, media freedom and independence are more important than ever . Let’s not let the harmful acts of a few overshadow the rest


Dodging the drones: How militants have responded to the covert US campaign

Over the past decade U.S. drone strikes have killed between 1,800 and 3,100 people in Pakistan, along with hundreds more in drone attacks in Yemen and Somalia, as a result of the United States' efforts to combat al-Qaeda and its affiliates.


20 Demands For Successful Yemen Dialogue

The technical committee in charge with preparation for Yemen dialogue has sent a number of demands to President Abdrabu Mansour which it said are very crucial and should be met to hold a successful dialogue.


A Gulf Security Framework

The security system of the Gulf rests on three poles: Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia including other GCC states and Yemen.


Report: Emergence of new terror network in S Yemen

A report released on Monday by Abaad Center for Researches and Studies warned of a new terrorist group in Yemen which has stemmed from the alliances made between some militant groups in the country.


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