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Editor Picture By 2015, closed door meetings for Yemen President Abdurabu Hadi will be limited.... Foreign embassy searches not ruled out....Foreign censorship halted..... Yemenis linked with foreign intelligence hunted for.  
Hakim Almasmari  
 Publisher & Editor in Chief   
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LATEST UPDATES 858 civilians killed in 100-day war in Aden :: Huge airstrikes shake Yemen capital :: Houthis launch new scud on Saudi Arabia-TV :: 600 soldiers trained by Saudi Arabia arrive in Yemen :: Fresh car bombing hits Yemen capital :: Syndicate warns of ongoing abuse of reporters by Houthis :: Government says Aden port attack unprecedented war crime :: UN deep concern about civilians amid ongoing conflict in Yemen :: 586 die of dengue fever in Yemen :: Houthis attack Aden refinery ::
President Abdurabu Hadi was recently interviewed by the London-based Arabic newspaper Al-Hayat.

The main focus of the interview with the Iranian involvement in the Yemeni affairs as Hadi said, "Iran is still meddling in Yemen's internal affairs."


Hassan al-Homran, spokesperson for Ansar Allah

"It is up to President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi to ensure that the cease fire is implemented on the ground. So far the central government has failed on every account. "


US Ambassador to Yemen talks to Yemen Post, "There are not hundreds of US forces in Yemen."

Nothing is currently an obstacle in front of the National Dialogue. So as it is now there is nothing going wrong.


Jeremy Scahill - Anwar al-Awlaki explained: from man to terrorist -

Speaking on Democracy Now, Jeremy Scahill explains how Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born Islamic cleric turned from regular Joe to most wanted terrorist.


World Bank Country Manager for Yemen, Wael Zakout

In September of last year the international community gathered at two events to discuss support for the economic reconstruction and political transition in Yemen. The end result of the donor conference in Riyadh and the ‘Friends of Yemen’ meeting in New York City was pledges totaling US$7.5 billion. 


Omar Mulhi, Country Manager for GlaxoSmithKline- Yemen

"I believe that inheritance and separation are two sides of the same coin as there is no place for them in Yemen’s future at all. Yemeni people won’t accept inheritance at all."


Interview with Mr.Hakim Almasmari by Bureau

"The US is helping Yemen become more of a dictatorship rather than an institutional nation. By allowing the drone strikes and no one knowing about it, this way people cannot stand against it or approve it."


Interview with Tawakkol Karman

Nobel laureate Tawakkol Karman wants to follow Mahatma Gandhi's footsteps


Govt urged to let Osama’s wife return to Yemen

“This is the main question on which the whole inquiry is based and therefore it will be answered only in the inquiry report”  


Doctor AbdelKader al-Guneid is a Yemeni doctor based in Taiz

His activities and dedication got him noticed by France 24 a major TV news channel as it was looking for commentators on Taiz.


Interview with Saif al-Shara'abi, a naturalised British Yemeni now living in London.

 The youth, the women, the protestors, the martyrs of Yemen have hijacked my life.


Interview with Ulfat Alramadi, a laboratory Scientist in Routine & Metabolic Biochemistry at Dublin's children hospital, in Ireland.

The Yemeni Revolution: Section: the Yemeni Diapora

Interview with Ulfat Alramadi, a laboratory Scientist in Routine & Metabolic Biochemistry at Dublin's children hospital, in Ireland. Ulfat left Yemen 4 years after the departure of the British and was raised partly in London, partly in Abu Dhabi. Uprooted and forever a foreigner, her heart she says, remains in Yeme


Interview with Yemeni Opposition Leader Sadeq bin Abdallah Al-Ahmar

 Al-Ahmar: Ali Abdallah Saleh is a 'Second Satan' Who Conned the U.S. and Saudi Arabia With the 'Bogeyman of Terrorism'


Interview with Yemen's Ambassador to Egypt Abd Al-Wali Al-Shimari

Ambassador Al-Shamari: I Refuse to Return to Work for a Regime that Sheds the Blood of the Yemeni People


Interview with U.S. Ambassador to Yemen Gerald Feierstein

National Public Radio NPR has made an interview with U.S. Ambassador to Yemen Gerald Feierstein who talk about many of important issues related to the Yemeni current situation and the mutual cooperation between Yemen and the United States . The interview is below:


Interview with Yemen's Foreign Minister, Abu Bakr Qirbi

Yemen's Foreign Minister conducted a short interview with BBC concerning the updates on the war on terror. Below are the two questions he discussed.

Can Yemen's government tackle Al Qaeda on its own or if it needs outside help?



Yemenis have been success makers throughout history, despite many times being far from their homeland.


Mohamed Abu Lahoum; Senior Leader in the Ruling GPC Party & Bakeel Tribe

"I believe that inheritance and separation are two sides of the same coin as there is no place for them in Yemen’s future at all. Yemeni people won’t accept inheritance at all."


Adul Samad Othman; Malaysian Ambassador to Yemen

"We have been since our independence practicing democracy. Also, the majority of the Malaysian population are Muslims and Muslims in Malaysia are very religious. They practice their religion seriously and the beauty of Malaysia is that we are able to make democracy walk within rights."


Nabil Hassan Al-Faqih; Minister of Tourism

"The reasons why western tourists are reluctant to visit Yemen is because of strong warnings given by European countries. These warnings are unfair, which made Yemen directly suffer. Also, the media pictured Yemen similar to some countries which suffer from terrorism for a long time such as Iraq and Afghanistan. "


Abdulla Al-Kassim, Public Relations Manager of Yemenia Airlines

Last year was a year of adversities and crises in Yemen. As a result of Sa’ada war, tourism was largely affected in Yemen. Yemenia was exposed to a fatal accident. But with the solidarity of everyone, we surpassed the crisis.We made a package of fundamental changes at all levels, and opened new lines to new destinations.


Dr. Nasser Awlaqi; Father of Sheikh Anwar Awlaqi

"My message to the American people is please understand who is Anwar Awlaqi before your government does something to harm him. Why does the government of America want to kill my son? If he did anything wrong they should put him on trial; even in an absentee trail."


Sheikh Anwar Aulaqi; Suspected & Wanted Terrorist

"In other letters he explained his view of killing Israeli civilians and was in favor of this, he mentioned the legal and factual justifications for targeting Jews with rockets. Later, there were some of his letters that asked for a way he can transfer some funds to us, to contribute on charity works."


Ahmed Al-Bahri; Expert in Houthi Affairs

" If there is loyalty or relations between Al-Haq Party and Houthis there is nothing to ban this because some leaders of the party have had relations with them even before the war even started. Also, we have to put in mind that Houthis are Yemenis not foreigners, which means we still have to deal with them in the future. "


Abdul Wahab Al-Anesi; The Secretary General of the Opposition Islah Party

" No party should be excluded from dialogue; even those who have resorted to extreme solutions. These sides won’t be able to convince us nor people of their projects; however, we are sure that they will stand beside us when they find that there are real solutions for the crises."


Dr. Abdullah Shamahi ; Professor of Islamic History at

"The Arab World is experiencing backwardness that is not expected to continue for a long time; hence in the near future any thought that carries backwardness and isolation will be unacceptable whether it comes under Shitism or by Sunnis. "


Sultan Hizam Al-Attwani; General Secretary of the Nasserite Unionist Party

" The ruling party accuses even the normal citizen for the deficit of development and for the insecurity. They forget that they are the reason of the war in Saada and the movement in southern governorates. "


Mohammed Yahya Ezan; Founder of the Believing Youth (Houthis First Movement)

"Hussein Al-Houthi’s ideology was spread among his followers and they made people respect him as if he was a prophet. Hussein used to go against most Zaidi scholars and did not agree with them even though he had little knowledge about the Zaidi sect. He was one of the least educated religiously from among his brothers.”


Abdul Aziz Jubari; Parliament Member for the Ruling General People Congress (GPC)

If those going against the laws are not dealt with seriously, it encourages others and steers them to violate the law and do sabotage acts that threaten Yemen’s stability. Elements that violate the law must be prosecuted. However, in order for the law to be relevant, it must be enforced to all. Outlaw elements will continue to violate the law while innocent civilians will continue to suffer.


Ali Nasser Mohammed ; Former Yemeni President

“It is not known to us the strength of Houthis and where they bring their power. There has been exchange of accusations between the authority and the Houthis and outside parties are always attendant during these accusations. It is known that Yemen is available for all outside parties to enter and it has open markets for weapons.”


Ali Salem Al-Beedh; Former Yemeni Vice-President

 "Trying to relieve the fears of Gulf countries against his calls for ceding south Yemen from the north, Al-Beedh said “We are well aware of such issues and we will never have our lands as a safe haven for terrorism and violence; the southern mobility is peaceful and has no connections with terrorism. Neighboring countries need not to be afraid from the Southern movement.”


Dr. Leonardo G. Romeo; One of the Founders of the Local Councils in Yemen

"The Ministry of Local Administration is toying with the idea of local development while it should focus, instead, on its ability to support and supervise. In other terms, it should work to provide technical assistance, facilitation services, legality control and performance monitoring. These are the tasks of the ministry."


Mohammed Al-Sa’adi; Assistant Secretary General of Islah Party

"The American interest is a transformation in itself especially when what happens in Sa’ada should have attracted the attention right from the first war. We must carefully read the American interest especially when both sides are demanded to exercise self-control. We have over 100,000 IDP’s and locals have lost during these wars billions in losses of their houses, farms, etc."


Claire Bourgeois

"We have coordination mechanism between the UN agencies. UNHCR is in charge of assessing the protection and security of IDP’s as well as providing non-food items like tents, blankets, kitchen sets and so on. WFP is in charge of food; UNICEF is in charge of children. We distribute tasks among the UN organizations, so that we make sure that everything is addressed.


Dr. Hamoud Qairi; Sana’a University Professor and Expert in Religious Differences

" The appearance of Salafis and their closeness to the state and the facilitation provided by it have helped them to spread out. The state has used them to deal with the rising threats like that of Houthis. Salafis are the only party that backed the army forces despite the fact that other political forces abstained."


Abdul Basit Al-Kumaim; General Manager at the Ministry of Trade and Industry

"During 2009, we have recorded about 400 violations of commercial cheating, raised prices and not announcing or fixing the prices. We have recently seized about 150 tons of expired commodities in a trader’s warehouse. "


Dr. Abdullah Al-Azazi; Head of Sana’a University Staff Syndicate

"President Saleh spoke a lot about modernizing universities; however, this is linked with finance. We find that he encourages education, but he allocates YR 1 million only in budget for scientific research. "


Talal Al-Taib; The most famous person in Yemen to implement executions against those sentenced for death by Yemeni courts

"I implemented 16 execution sentences while I was still an affiliate of air forces. Since 2004, I have executed 100 men and a woman"


Zainul Abidin Rasheed; Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs in Singapore

"There are many who want the continuation of the southern mobility through which they get better positions in the government as they have the ability to show that they are defending the country. "


Lawyer Mohammed Naji Allaw; Director of HOOD Human Rights Organization

"There are many who want the continuation of the southern mobility through which they get better positions in the government as they have the ability to show that they are defending the country. "


Hasan Zaid; President of the Opposition Parties (JMP), General Secretary of Al-Haq Party

"The position of Houthis is different despite the fact that Houthi leaders were among the founders of Al-Haq party; however, the political conditions, suppressions and attempts seeking to dissolve the party led some to feel hopelessness in getting their different rights."


Saad Sabrah ; CEO-Chairman for Shibam Holdings

Yemen does have ingredients that can be utilized to boost the financial crisis positively because Yemen was not part of the global mortgage finance arena. Yemen can stand out as a favorable place because Yemen is a cash market.


Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Duba’ai; Sulfi Religious Leader

"The Southern Mobility is the byproduct of congestion. It is steered by invisible hands from outside. Its leaders live in European countries and these countries support them. Britain still believes in its right of guardianship over Aden and its people, but this thinking is completely rejected. "


Justin Sykes; Silatech Program Advisor for Yemen

"This is one of the reasons we included Yemen as one of the pilot countries and we absolutely see Yemen as a critical partner in the Silatech initiative. Very soon you will see that programs we are developing for Yemen not only focus on Yemen itself, but how Yemen can be linked to GCC countries. "


Amir Al-Aidarous; Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources

" The future of Yemen is not in oil only, but it may be in gas also. Yemen has very large areas starting with the Indian Ocean coast, to the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea. "


Ghanem Nuseibeh; Senior Analyst at Political Capital

"There has been a lot of mistrust towards the North, which is seen as the controlling party since the unification."


Ahmed Al-Rabahi; Head of Teachers Syndicate

" Incompetent and unqualified elements are leading the whole educational process at the risk of expert and competent teachers. This passively affects the educational process. What we suffer today is
a byproduct of such wrong policies. "


Mohammed Abdul Elah Al-Qadhi; Member of Parliament for the Ruling General People Congress (GPC) Party

Our task was not to decide whether Al-Burati is a perpetrator, victim or partner, but rather to make sure that the taken measures against him were lawful. It has been clear that the measures were not proper as evidenced by the sayings of the governor and the security chief of Khadair. However, the prosecutor, who is supposed to be well-familiar with the case, refused to provide the minutes and documents that prove the legality of the taken measures.


Ali Ashal, Member of Parliament for the Islah Party

When verifying production operations, you find an unreasonable rise for production costs. In 2004, about 21 million barrels were taken as production costs (taken before calculating the shares of the government and the producing company) and by then the value of this deducted oil quantity was $771 million. The next year, about 24 million barrels were deducted and the value of this quantity was about $1.3 billion and it increased to about $1.4 billion in 2006.


Dr. Raufah Hasan; Director of the Women’s Studies Center

I was actually asked to withdraw from the elections and this was published in newspapers. In the beginning, Nasr Taha Mustafa, the former YJS chairman, was delegated by the General People Congress (GPC) to convince me to withdraw. This clearly means this party will not wait until the results come out to see who wins, but rather it works on making other candidates withdraw their candidacy to facilitate the task of its candidate, something that contradicts the core of democracy.


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