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Editor Picture By 2015, closed door meetings for Yemen President Abdurabu Hadi will be limited.... Foreign embassy searches not ruled out....Foreign censorship halted..... Yemenis linked with foreign intelligence hunted for.  
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LATEST UPDATES Yemen releases eight hostages, one foreigner, from Al-Qaeda :: Yemen court denies judicial measures against Sabafon :: Al-Qaeda says killed 23 Houthi militants in chaotic Yemen :: First crowd funding campaign in Yemen by the hand off Mobile School :: Hadi reinstates, promotes 8009 officers, soldiers from south :: Yemen on high alert to face infiltration of Shabab terrorists :: Houthi militants kick out Deputy Information Minister in Yemen :: Son of Yemen's President funds 21 news websites from public money :: Yemen officially including Houthi militants within forces :: Yemen's oil revenue drop by $660 million during January-September ::
Yemen releases eight hostages, one foreigner, from Al-Qaeda

Yemen released early Tuesday eight hostages including a foreigner from Al-Qaeda, a source from the high security committee said in a press release.



Al-Qaeda says killed 23 Houthi militants in chaotic Yemen
Al-Qaeda claimed on Monday it had carried out several operations killing around two dozens of Houthi militants in Yemen.  

First crowd funding campaign in Yemen by the hand off Mobile School

Mobile School has launched the first ever crowdfunding campaign in Yemen. But what is crowdfunding?


Hadi reinstates, promotes 8009 officers, soldiers from south

Yemen's Transition President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi approved Law No 3, 2014, on reinstating, promotion and improving the situations of 8009 officers and soldiers from the army and the security services in the south.


Yemen on high alert to face infiltration of Shabab terrorists

Yemen's security authorities on Monday tightened measures and ordered the Coastguard to be on high alert amid reports Somali terrorists could infiltrate into the country.


Yemen officially including Houthi militants within forces

Yemen is currently including Houthi militants within its forces as part of the effort to deepen national balance and partnership, the newly appointed Defense Minister Mahmoud Al-Subaihi said on Sunday.


Houthi militants kick out Deputy Information Minister in Yemen

Employees loyal to the Houthi Group at Yemen State TV with support from armed Houthi militants broke into the office of Deputy Information Minister and kicked him out on Sunday.


Son of Yemen's President funds 21 news websites from public money

Elder son of Yemen's Transition President, Jalal Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi is sponsoring around 21 news websites. Familiar sources said Jalal is funding these websites, some of which have being criticized for violating ethics of writing.


Militants threatens Yemen's Hadi as they prepare to invade oil-rich Marib

Houthi militants on Thursday threatened to overthrow Yemen's Transition Abdu Rabbu Mnasour Hadi amid confirmed reports the militants are mobilizing to seize the oil-rich governorate of Marib.


Arrests after assassination of senior Yemeni politician

Yemeni security authorities have arrested several suspects in connection with the assassination of a senior politician in Taiz governorate.


Yemen Post website hacked

Early November, the Yemen Post website was hacked forcing the news site to halt its news updates until its technical team resolves the problem. Months of news within the database was also removed from the website dating back to May.


Yemen cabinet asks ministers to submit closures in two weeks

Yemen's new cabinet on Wednesday formed a new committee to prepare the draft of its agenda. The draft will be discussed at the next meeting of the cabinet.


Reprieve: US pays secret $100.000 to families of two Yemen drone victims

Reprieve Organization revealed on Tuesday that the US had paid compensation for the families of two drone victims in Yemen.


Officer killed, others injured in Yemen roadside bomb

A military officer was killed and three soldiers and citizens were injured after a bomb exploded at two patrols between Mukalla and Khalaf cities in southeastern Yemen, state media reported.


UAE lauds Yemen efforts in safeguarding its diplomats

UAE Foreign Ministry lauded Yemen efforts in safeguarding its diplomats on Wednesday after Interior Ministry spokesman Major-General Mohammed al-Qaidy announced that the authorities had successfully intercepted and arrested six members of a terror cell believe to be responsible for running targeted attack and kidnapping hit against foreign diplomats in the Yemeni capital.


Towards an Arab NATO

The Gulf Cooperation Council has invited Morocco and Jordan to form a military alliance.


Yemeni armed forces press on against al-Qaeda in southern territories

Amid confirmation from Yemen Defence Ministry that another military operation in the south is underway against al-Qaeda positions, CNN reported that following a DNA test conducted by Saudi officials on the remnants of a Saudi national first identified as being Ibrahim al-Asiri, turned out to be negative.


German diplomat injured in botched kidnapping attempt

Security officials in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a confirmed late on Monday that a German diplomatic attaché had suffered injuries following a botched kidnapping attempt near the German Embassy in Hadda (southern district).


KSA stages military exercise at Yemeni border

As Saudi Arabia prepares for a large-scale military exercise on Tuesday, military sources have confirmed that thousands of soldiers have been called to gather at the Yemeni-Saudi border in an impressive show of force.


Yemen southern secessionists campaign for independence

On Sunday thousands of Haraki militants (Southern Secessionist Movement) gathered in the seaport of Mukalla to demonstrate against Sana’a central government and demand to be granted independence. Three years after Yemen 2011 uprising and calls for broad institutional reforms, southerners remain determined to see South Yemen reinstated an a sovereign entity, regardless of the concessions President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi agreed to in the name of national cohesion.


Tribal dispute in between al-Ahmar and Doaid continues to unravel

Tribal sources confirmed that on Saturday, Sheikh Hamid al-Ahmar from the powerful clan of the Hashid, whose elder brother, Sheikh Sadiq al-Ahmar rules over, called for a grand tribal meeting following a violent altercation with Sheikh Noman Doaid’s loyalists at a wedding this last Thursday, as to decide on a course of action.


US U-turn on terror policy, review board favours repatriation of Yemeni detainee

In a complete U-turn on its terror policy, US officials recommended on Friday that one of the 76 prisoners cleared for release been allowed to return to his homeland, Yemen after it was established he did represent a threat to national security.


UN Special Envoy to Yemen brokers truce with Houthis

Following months of uncertainty and aggravated tensions in the northern province of Amran as Houthis militants have sporadically clashed with local tribesmen for control over territories, UN Special Envoy to Yemen, Jamal Benomar confirmed that he had secured an agreement with the Houthis (Shi’ite group organized under the leadership of Abdel-Malek al-Houthi) which sets the terms for disarmament.


Foiled abduction turns deadly for kidnappers

On Thursday officials at the Defence Ministry confirmed in a statement published on September 26’s website (the mouthpiece of the ministry) that two wannabe abductors were gunned down by their victim, a foreign national, when he resisted assault.


Compensating Yemen’s drone victims

Mohammed al-Basha, spokesman for Yemen embassy in the United States told reporters late on Wednesday that the Yemeni government intends to offer all civilian casualties’ families a monetary compensation in keeping with tribal tradition: blood money.


The human cost of Yemen’s air strikes

While state officials have yet to confirm that drones were actually in operation this past Sunday and Monday, when President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi authorized a massive air and ground attack against al-Qaeda position across several provinces, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism reported on Thursday that witnesses’ accounts and preliminary reports have already established that civilians were killed in the fighting.


Al Qaeda retaliates against military in Hadhramawt

Officials confirmed on Thursday that gunmen allegedly linked to al-Qaeda targeted earlier today a security outpost in the south-eastern province of Hadhramawt in what is believed to have been a revenge attack for April 20-21 broad air and ground military operation against the terror group.


Towards an Arab NATO

The Gulf Cooperation Council has invited Morocco and Jordan to form a military alliance.


US military personnel help Yemen sift through rubbles

While Yemeni officials have not yet confirmed what part if at all the United States played in Yemen’s grand strike against al-Qaeda (April 20-21) Fox news (US media) quoted sources as saying that US personnel were currently on the ground in Yemen to assist Yemen in sifting through the aftermath of drone strikes: such as retrieving bodies, collecting evidence, DNA samples to enable identification and other data.


Yemen has become a magnet for Islamic militants

Only a couple of days after Yemen witnessed the largest air and ground military strikes against al-Qaeda operatives across several of the country central and southern provinces, officials have confirmed that two Saudi women attempted to illegally enter Yemen with their six children in order to join up al-Qaeda and become active members of the terror group.


Joint Press Release: The Embassy of Japan andUNHCR distribute UNIQLO clothes to people in need in Yemen

The Embassy of Japan and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) have distributed today in Sana’a the clothes donated by Japanese citizens to Yemeni families in need. Over 200,000 clothes arriving from Japan through UNIQLO, a famed Japanese garment retailer, are to be distributed to over 63,000 individuals in Yemen, in collaboration with the Yemeni Government and UNHCR.


Four security officers have been killed in the past 24 hours

Security sources have confirmed on Tuesday that over the past 24 hours four high ranking security officers have been killed in a string of attacks by armed militants, in what has been perceived as retaliation for the bombing of al-Qaeda position in southern and central Yemen.


Identifying al-Qaeda’s dead

Following a massive two-day airstrike against al-Qaeda positions in Yemen, government officials have confirmed they are now trying to identify all the terror militants who were taken out during the attack.
It was reported in Tuesday that an estimated 55 Islamists were killed, among whom several key al-Qaeda leaders.


Dealing with insolvency in Yemen

Looking in to Yemen’s penitentiary system, Human Rights Watch said to have discovered a troubling trend whereby a great many people have been sent to jail for long period of time over insolvency issues.


Prison breakout averted in al-Baydha

Security sources confirmed on Monday that Yemen security services managed to foil an attempted break-out at al-Baydha Central Prison this Sunday. The Interior Ministry confirmed that elements within the prison staged a riot, hoping to create enough of a distraction to allow inmates to escape unnoticed.


Dozens of al-Qaeda militants are killed in broad air offensive

The Interior Ministry confirmed in a statement made to the press late on Monday that an estimated 55 alleged al-Qaeda operatives have been killed in a major air offensive across several southern and central Yemeni provinces.


Second drone strike against al-Qaeda positions in 48 hours

With the Friends of Yemen set to begin on April 29th in London, Yemeni officials have intensified their campaign against al-Qaeda, keen to prove how committed they are to defeat the region’s enemy number one.


The kidnapping of children in Yemen

According to a report published by Seyaj Organization for Childhood Protection, Yemeni-based human rights organizations, there have been an estimated 124 children have been kidnapped over the past year. This new data was made public at a press conference in Sana’a earlier last week.


Yemen moves toward social inclusion, UNICEF campaign

Amid calls for better social integration and inclusion, government officials have announced that UNICEF in partnership with the Social Welfare Fund (SWF) and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour will launch a program in Taiz (Yemen’ second most populous metropolis) which aims to map out Yemen’s Akhdam community, aka, the Muhamasheen (the marginalized ones).


Yemen FM warns - security is one of the main challenges facing Yemen

Following the death of yet another Yemeni soldier in the capital, Sana’a and the publication of an al-Qaeda video, featuring the infamous terror commander, Nasser al-Wuhaishi addressing hundreds of Islamic militants, Yemen Foreign Minister, Abu Bakr al-Qirbi told Asharq al-Awsat (pan-Arab newspaper), “security is one of the main challenges facing Yemen.”


Death of New Zealander in drone strike generates controversy

Since it emerged that two New Zealanders were killed in a US-led drone strike last November in Yemen, rights organizations and other NGOs once again called for an immediate review of Washington’s extra-territorial counter-terror strategy, arguing that such targeted killings cannot be justifies within the parameters of the law.


Al Qaeda sends clear warning to US and its allies

If anyone was ever in doubt of al-Qaeda’s pull and reach in Yemen, a recent video dated March 2014 uploaded online should suffice to convince any sceptic of the tangible and very real threat posed by the terror group.


Yemen porous borders with Saudi Arabia

According to Saudi security officials over 15,000 illegal migrants, among whom traffickers and hardened criminals were stopped while attempting to cross over onto Saudi Arabia through Yemen porous northern region in the past 45 days.


Security campaign kicks off in Hajjah

Spurred on by the Interior Ministry, officials in Hajjah, a northern province of Yemen, kicked off a security campaign on Sunday which aimed to address the issue of weapons-carrying in the region.


Al-Qaeda assassinate high ranking official in al-Baydha

Security officials confirmed on Tuesday morning that al-Qaeda operatives assassinated al-Baydha deputy governor, Hussein Dayan, in yet another targeted attack.


Yemen’s first constitutional draft to be ready within four months

Dr. Ulfat al-Duba’I, a member of Yemen constitution drafting committee confirmed on Monday that according to projections, Yemenis could expect the first draft of their new constitution to be completed within the next four months. The drafting of a new constitution will mark the country’s last transfer of power stage and close the book on Yemen’s institutional overall, a process which has been painstakingly slow, notwithstanding the many hurdles and political roadblocks it had to overcome.


Saudi border guard is gunned down near Yemeni border

For the second time in less than a week Saudi border guards were targeted by unidentified armed men as they patrolled near the Yemeni border.


Foreign doctor is kidnapped in Yemen

Officials at the Interior Ministry confirmed on Monday that a foreign doctor from Uzbekistan (a country located directly north of Afghanistan and south of Russia) had been kidnapped by armed tribesmen in what appear to be a tribal spat with the government.


Wanted Suspect Farook Abdulhak Illegally Issued 2nd Identity in Yemen

According to several reports published in Norway, Farook Abdulhak, a suspect in a London killing in 2008, was issued a false identity in 2011, at the height of Yemen uprising, in view of a potential forced-exit from the country.


Fresh protests hit the Yemeni capital

Amid more reports of al-Qaeda-related activities in Yemen’ southern region, hundreds of anti-government protesters once again took to the streets on Sunday to express their disappointment toward the coalition government.


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