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Editor Picture By 2015, closed door meetings for Yemen President Abdurabu Hadi will be limited.... Foreign embassy searches not ruled out....Foreign censorship halted..... Yemenis linked with foreign intelligence hunted for.  
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LATEST UPDATES UN deep concern about civilians amid ongoing conflict in Yemen :: 586 die of dengue fever in Yemen :: Houthis attack Aden refinery :: Arab coalition intensifies Yemen raids :: One killed in Saba news agency bombing :: Civilians killed in Yemen airstrikes :: UN in more efforts to end Yemen conflict :: Fresh airstrikes target Yemen Houthis :: Yemen prepares 5000 troops to fight Houthis :: Hadi appoints, fires Yemen governors ::
Yemen Analysis: On Turkey Fallout and Advances of Iran

For Yemen Post
The present situation in Yemen can be best described as "The Emperor has new Clothes and "the Rape of Yemen" and UN providing the cover.

Possible Turkey fallout and Iran advances are not necessarily related.


Tanzanian man arrested in Yemen for drug trafficking: Could face death penalty

A TANZANIAN national has been arrested in Yemen after authorities discovered a huge stash of narcotic drugs hidden in two fishing boats.


Yemen says 7 Germans kidnapped in the north

Yemen accused a Shiite rebel group Sunday of kidnapping nine foreigners, including seven GErmans, in the country's rugged northern Saada province. But the group, which is led by Abdel Malak al-Hawthi, denied any involvement and accused the government of trying to tarnish the rebels' image.


Yemen wants Saudis to block cash for separatists

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh will ask King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia to block the flow of funds from Yemeni expatriates to separatists in the south, a Yemeni government source said on Sunday.


Deadly protests rock Yemen's south

At least four Yemenis, including a policeman, have been killed in two days of clashes between police and anti-government protesters.


Yemeni president pledges reforms after violence in southern areas

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh pledged on Sunday to carry out administrative reforms to empower municipalities to better respond to the people's needs after a wave of violent protests in the country's southern cities. Saleh said his government would propose constitutional amendments that would permit the election of district mayors who are, under the current system, appointed centrally.


Bomb kills Yemeni in southern clashes

ADEN, Yemen (AP) - A Yemeni man was killed and four others injured when a bomb exploded Sunday among protesters in the south as U.S. embassy urged all parties to resort to dialogue to solve the country's political problems.


Somali Pirates Release Yemeni Ship

Somali pirates have released a Yemeni ship and its 15 crew members after holding them in captivity since January, a regional maritime official confirmed on Sunday. Andrew Mwangura, East Africa Coordinator of Seafarers Assistance Program, (SAP) said the MT Sea Princess II and her crew of 15 sailors, including eight Indian and two Yemeni sailors, were freed early Sunday.


Delays dog US$5.5bn pledged to help impoverished Yemen

SANA’A // More than two years after a donors conference in London pledged US$5.5 billion (Dh20bn) to help Yemen, just over $375 million has been disbursed. The challenge now, according to a top World Bank official, is obviously translating those pledges into action.


10 face terror charges in Yemen

Sanaa - A Yemeni court on Sunday put on trial a group of 10 Shi'ite alleged rebels accused of belonging to an armed gang and plotting a series of bombings in the capital.


Yemeni Detainees Pose Problem in Closing Gitmo

Human rights advocates are warning that unless the United States resolves some particularly thorny problems posed by almost 100 prisoners from Yemen stuck at Guantanamo Bay, President Obama will have serious problems keeping his pledge to shut down the prison camp anytime soon.


Officials: Fire at Yemen oil installation

Security officials say a fire has broken out in southern Yemen at an oil installation run by the French company Total. The officials say the blaze can be seen from the nearby town of Misselya. They say security forces cordoned the area, and fire trucks and ambulances were sent to the site.


Reports U.S. Will Target Al-Qaeda In Yemen Baseless

A Yemeni official source has denied that the United States will carry out land and air strikes against al-Qaeda targets in Yemen, dismissing reports that a Yemeni official had made statements for the official website of the United States Department of Defence over the matter.


Yemen to put 16 al-Qaeda suspects on trial for tourist killings

A total of 16 suspected al-Qaeda terrorists will go on trialin Sana'a next week for a string of attacks including the killing of two Belgian tourists, a court source revealed Friday. The 16 defendants comprise 11 Yemenis, four Syrians and a Saudi national of Yemeni origin, and will be charged with plotting attacks against foreigners, Western interests, vital state installations and oil facilities in Yemen.


Child bride's award vetoed

YEMEN has barred a former child bride from being honoured in Austria, saying she is too young to travel alone. When she was eight years old, the girl was forced to marry a man at least three times her age.


Yemen To Show List Of Most Wanted People

Interior Ministry said on Thursday that security authorities have prepared a list of the 155 most wanted people, including a number of Arab citizens, Yemen news agency, Saba, reported.


Yemen-Russia Signs $1b. Arms Deal

Following the visit of Yemeni President 'Ali 'Abdallah 'Salih to Russia last week, the two countries have signed a deal worth an estimated $1 billion that would see some very sophisticated Russian weaponry exported to Yemen, the official Yemen news agency SABA reported.


Somali migrants 'drown off Yemen'

Forty-five Somalian migrants drowned after their boat capsized off the coast of Yemen earlier this week, Somalian diplomats have said. Three survivors were rescued by Yemeni fishermen after the boat capsized and were taken to the port of Mukalla.


Yemen To Build Village For Tsunami Victims

Minister of Public Works and Roads Omer al-Kurshomi discussed on Wednesday with Indonesian President's envoy Alawi Shihab practical steps for constructing Yemeni village in Indonesia.


Yemen arrests al Qaeda member once held at Gitmo

Yemen authorities have arrested and extradited a Saudi man who rejoined al Qaeda after he was released from the U.S. military’s detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.


Russian navy hands Yemen 10 seized Somali pirates

A Yemeni official says 10 Somali pirates captured by the Russian navy in the Gulf of Aden have been handed over to Yemen. Yemeni coastguard chief Ali Rasae says the pirates were handed over to Yemeni authorities on Wednesday.


Yemen’s information law draws fire

SANA’A // A draft law on access to information that the Yemeni parliament is scheduled to debate this week has already drawn criticism from journalists and democracy activists who describe it as restricting press freedom.


Turkish FM to visit Yemen, Bahrain

On February 17-18, Babacan will visit Yemen upon an invitation by his Yemeni counterpart Abu Bakr Abdallah al-Qirbi.


New Yemen Marriage Law Needs Awareness Campaigns

A new Yemen law that limits the minimum age of marriage to 17 was welcomed by child-rights organizations, but they said it would require rigorous awareness campaigns in order to stamp out the widespread phenomenon of child marriages.


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