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Last updated: 12:11:56 AM GMT(+03) Wednesday, 06, March, 2013

Attack against Marib pipeline

 Yemen Post Staff
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The Oil and Minerals ministry confirmed on Wednesday morning the country's oil infrastructures were attacked by a group of unknown armed men on Tuesday evening in the eastern province of Marib.
Local officials explained the assailants detonated several explosive charges placed underneath the pipeline, severely damaging the integrity of the structure.
All activities were shut down and engineers called on site to immediately begin repair works under the watchful eye of local security forces. Officials confirmed on Wednesday repairs had been carried out and all activities resumed as normal.
Tribal fighters and al-Qaeda militants have often been blamed for the multiple attacks aimed at Yemen's oil infrastructure, an attempt said officials and security analyst to destabilize and cripple the country's economy and main source of income.
Income from oil production constitutes about 70-75%7 of government revenue.
Marib pipeline carries on average 110,000 barrels of Marib light crude per day to Ras Isa seaport terminal in the eastern province of Hadramaut. Security issues forced the ministry to lower its output to 70,000 bpd in 2012.
Moreover, attacks in 2012 against Marib pipeline forced officials to shut down the terminal for long intervals at a time, leading to huge losses in unrealized profits and delivery delays. It consequently created a fuel crisis penury in Yemen.
Saudi Arabia had to step in by donating petroleum products to the impoverished nation to prevent Yemen national market from completely running dry, incapacitating its already crippled economy.
The attack which comes a day before the Friends of Yemen Conference in Yemen and a week before Yemen National Conference is due to kick off, is raising important questions as to the state's ability to maintain security throughout its provinces.







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We apologize for technical issues Yemen Post website is facing
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