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Last updated: 09:34:18 PM GMT(+03) Thursday, 31, January, 2013

Law and Order - Criminals are allowed to roam free

 Yemen Post Staff

Ever since the disintegration of the state institutions in 2011 when the revolution laid waste three decades of an autocratic regime, Yemen's Pandora's box was left opened and from it poured insecurity, crimes, violence and instability.
While Yemenis scrambled to salvage the Republic and restore a resemblance of order through the GCC brokered initiative, mapping up its transition toward democracy, crimes increased exponentially leaving residents to pretty much fend for themselves.
In Sana'a, the capital, the Interior Ministry registered a higher percentage of robberies, car-jacking, kidnapping and other violent related crimes all throughout and 2011 and 2012.
As residents in the capital understood that political upheaval somehow translated to the authorities' inability to protect citizens' rights and guarantee their safety, citizens are now arguing the Police has renounce their responsibilities altogether.
Earlier this week, a real estate developer, Abdel-Wahab Abdullah
was driving his vehicle - a Susuki truck - down Sabain at around 1.30pm when a car transporting what he described as "tribesmen to stop.
Fearing the men were trying to steal his car, Abdel-Wahab decided to stop his car near a group of Republican Guards and warn them.
Although he explained the men had been aggressively seeking to stop him for the past 15 minutes or so, dangerously swerving their vehicle to corner him into a stop the Republican Guards dismissed his claims.
"They bluntly told me it had nothing to do with them .... Everyone knows crime in on the up in the capital, they should at least have challenged the men, especially since they had the audacity to stop only a few metres away from me, awaiting to see what would happen."
Last week a young woman was walking out from Sana'a Trading Center when men on motorcycles grabbed her handbag and shopping only a few metres from police officers. The woman complained the policemen did not even attempt to pursue the thieves, only instructing her to file a report at the nearest police station.
A father of two, Hussein Ibrahim said he didn't feel safe letting his kids go to school alone anymore with so many reports of abuse and crimes. "The streets of the capital are not safe anymore."





Source: Yemen Post Newspaper
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