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Last updated: 11:25:33 PM GMT(+03) Wednesday, 15, February, 2012

Yemeni Noble laureate: I advise people to stand by Hadi as presidential candidate

 Yemen Post Staff
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Yemeni female Noble Winner and human rights advocate Tawkal Karman urged the revolutionary youth, who still camping in change squares across the country, to support and vote for Vice President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi, the sole candidate for the upcoming presidential elections due to be held on February 21, considering it the best feasible option.


“There are two possible options for the revolutionary youth, who are not affiliated with the main opposition bloc in the country Joint Meeting Parties (JMP), which signed a deal with the outgoing president in the Saudi capital of Riyadh,” she said.

“They either accept Hadi as the Yemen's President for the transitional period and prime minister Mohammed Salem Basindoh, the head of the caretaker government; or they should take to streets calling for the ouster of both of them, [referring to Hadi and Basindoh]," said Karman, in a statement posted on her facebook page.

She considered not using any of the aforementioned choices as a revolutionary disability, pointing out she recommends the former option.

"Any revolution has to go through a transitional period, general amnesty and national reconciliation, otherwise it will not be a revolution, rather it will be mere revenge. Our revolution is undoubtedly great and morally correct," said Karman, stressing when saying so she does not give up or compromise the revolutionary's demands and dreams, but instead do what her national, revolutionary, and humanitarian conscious dictates.

Karaman was a source of inspiration for many revolutionary protesters as she was among the very first to call for President Ali Abdullah Saleh's removal and was awarded the World Noble Prize for her outstanding peaceful revolutionary activities.








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