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Last updated: 06:41:46 PM GMT(+03) Sunday, 13, November, 2011

Yemen Revolution Update Nov 13, 2011

 Yemen Post Staff


As time passes revolutionaries are organizing their own online campaign to gather support bith within the country but essentially without as the internet in Yemn is not widely used as in other part of the World.
Pro-revolutionary video:
Further proof of destruction in Taiz:
In West Taiz the PPs are once again fighting the Republican guards as the latter are trying to seize back Gama Street which is now under the control of the revolutionaries.
According to residents and eye-witnesses so far 6 tanks and armored vehicles were destroyed.
In Gamal Street huge rocks have been blocking the way and the government forces are not daring come close to remove them as People Protectors are waiting behind.
Revolutionaries have announced an open general strike saying that all would remain closed until Saleh orders his men to withdraw from the schools and hospitals they have been using as strongholds or garrisons.
Women marched to denounce the government actions in the southern city of Taiz and the killing of several women and children. Over the past few weeks the death toll amongst the two have exponentially grow, creating nationwide outrage.


Tweet of the Revolution:
YemenFreeVoice Freedom Activist
Gross Hypocrisy in the Arab League Suspends #syria but not #yemen. I'm happy 4 Syria but Yemen should also be suspended

Massive demonstrations are underway in the capital, Sana'a, with many protesters warning that they are growing tired of seeing their loved ones being slaughter. Others said that as VP Hadi had said "the hungry" were coming to get Saleh. "Our children's lives are being destroyed, we cannot clothe them or feed them anymore, we have to beg for our daily bread while the government continues to steal the country indifferent to our suffering. It's over…TODAY WE STAND," said Suraya al Wazeer a young mother in "Change Square".

Yemeni lawyers are calling on the UN to send a team of expert to Taiz to witness the carnage and the violations to human rights.

Live stream of Yemeni revolution:

People are very angry in Sana'a which many see as somber omen which could lead to a civil war.
Violence seems to be contagious as conflicts are spreading from Taiz to Aden and back to Ibb. Protesters are saying that if Sana'a comes next the wave of war would engulf the entire country.
Anger is bubbling out of proportion since Saleh announced that he would not sign the GCC proposal as he came up with new conditions.


After weeks of warning the people of Ibb have decided to emulate Taiz by setting up their own armed forces: Ibb People Protectors.
Ahead of more demonstrations, the revolutionary militia is already fighting the government forces at a check points and destroyed 2 armored vehicles in Kaedah.

Reaction from Social Network:
"The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information denounced the ongoing campaign of collective punishment pursued by the Saleh regime against Yemeni people who demands for freedom and the departure of President Ali Abdullah Saleh . Forces loyal to the regime shelled whole civilian neighborhoods and even cut the basic services of electricity and water, leading to the murder of 16 people, including 4 women and two children and injuring more than 50 others as a result of the bombing on Taiz city on Friday in addition to the campaign of random arrests.
City of Sana’a and other Yemeni cities have seen mass demonstrations organized by activists to protest against what they called a ” Taiz’s massacre” . the National Council of the forces of peaceful revolution also issued a statement condemning that massacre ,which was considered as a target women and revolutionists , as unprecedented escalation and crossing the red.

Yemen experiences a dangerous step down for public freedoms especially the freedom of opinion and expression, under the pursuit of Saleh’system of violence against peaceful demonstrators using heavy weapons and shelling of neighborhoods and residential areas of whole civilian citing the wall all the simple humanitarian principles, breaking international treaties and committing war crimes under the nose of the whole world.

Yemen experiences protests and demonstrations since last February for their demand to drop the regime of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who ruled the country for more than thirty-three years.It evolved from peaceful demonstrations to armed confrontations between the Republican Guard of the system and some of the tribes and armed groups, which led to the vandalism and destruction of public facilities and the killing of many of them civilians.

“The situation in Yemen is on the edge, especially with the insistence of international forces on the Arab initiative, which included exit safe for Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh of power without trial or expense however his adherence also to the chair of power ignoring the demands of his People, which require his departure “said ANHRI “What has made things more complicated is the proliferation of crimes of violence from other currents calculated on the opposition, giving a negative image of the Yemeni revolution and loses a lot of international sympathy with It.” added ANHRI

And for this the Arab Network for Human Rights Information calls “the national revolutionary forces in Yemen to join together and unite under the banner of non-violence and peaceful and stop committed crimes against civilians, as Saleh regime does. The international community urgently must provide the benefit of a fair trial for the murder of civilians to establish the principle of justice so as to avoid any criminal’s escape of punishment. “






Yemen Post Staff
Source: Yemen Post Newspaper
The Yemen Post blocked by Houthi militants
Houthis launch new scud on Saudi Arabia-TV
Syndicate warns of ongoing abuse of reporters by Houthis
Fresh car bombing hits Yemen capital
Government says Aden port attack unprecedented war crime
600 soldiers trained by Saudi Arabia arrive in Yemen
UN deep concern about civilians amid ongoing conflict in Yemen
Houthis attack Aden refinery
586 die of dengue fever in Yemen
Arab coalition intensifies Yemen raids
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