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Editor Picture The first of a hundred steps is now complete. We salute those who helped the NDC become the road map for the future Yemen. Strides of success were made, but the real test awaits us all. Will the government deliver and turn ink on paper into reality?  
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Last updated: 04:21:30 PM GMT(+03) Saturday, 12, November, 2011

Yemen Revolution Updates Nov 12, 2011

 Yemen Post Staff


In reactions to the bloodshed witnessed in Taiz, protesters in Sana'a decided to stage a candle march throughout the capital, wanting to express their disgust and disapproval of the use of such repressive methods.
Protesters came out to demonstrate today, warning that tomorrow would be the biggest gathering yet.
"He will hear us from his Palace" said an enthusiastic Youth at "Change Square".
Emboldened by the Arab League decision of suspending Syria and recalling all Arab ambassadors, many protesters feel it is the last stretch for them. "Another notch and he [Saleh] will fall. We need to stay strong" said a young woman who added that it was her duty as a Yemeni to be out in the streets.


A mother founds her son in al-Rawdha hospital.
Proofs of the government use of lethal repressive weapons against civilian population:
Al-Rawdha hospital in Taiz was shelled and suffered considerable damages to its edifice and facilities. As a result some of the patients had to be evacuated quickly, leaving many bewildered and frightened as they did not fully understand what was happening.
Nurses and doctors were overwhelmed by grief as they spent most of the night tending to a never-ending stream of casualties, left to face frighten children and berieved parents as they looked for their sons and daughters bodies.
Cries of anger and sorrow erupted in the city as slogans calling for Saleh's death were chorused by hundreds of protesters. "Like Gaddafi you will die, like Gaddafi we will get you" they taunted, letting out their frustration as their city is once again the scene of a bloody massacre.
A man who was sitting at home with his sister was hit by a heavy caliber gun directly on his head. The man's sister immediately wrote "Murderer" with her brother's blood, wanting to cry out her despair by showing the World what living under Saleh's regime looked like.
The People Protectors who were accused by the government of serving defected General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, denied the allegations stating that their man were free and independent whose only wish was to protect Taiz' citizens from harm.
Protesters and residents alike accused Qairan, the province governor of allowing thugs to roam free, looting, stealing, intimidating and brutalizing peaceful residents for they wanted to make the city pay for its independent spirit.
After days in intense shelling the city lies in ruin.
In the face of such death and violence the people of Taiz decided to defy the regime, proving that nothing would ever stop them now.
From the depth of despair a city is rising with incredible courage to face injustice and what can only be described as brutal murder.
They chanted: "the martyrs are loved by God".
Every shop and offices are closed in down town Taiz as people are going on a general strike in reaction to the many deaths. Funeral of Zainab Al-Odaini and Yasmine Al-Asbahi today.

After a day of violent clashes opposing men loyal to Shaikh Hassan al-Awlaki and the government forces; the city is slowly going back to a resemblance of normality.
Spirits are running high as al-Harak, the Secessionist Movement is starting once again to make its demands heard, accusing the government of colonialism.
Several revolutionaries do not agree however with the southern movement, saying that Yemen needs to stay united.
Fears that al-Qaeda is slowly taking over the town is now gripping many residents.
Protester are said to be organizing a massive demonstration tomorrow ahead of the signature of the GCC in Sana'a, the capital.
Many are expecting more armed clashes as they maintain that Saleh will refuse to sign at the last minute as he has done in the past.
Demonstrations were staged in solidarity of Taiz.
Demonstrations called for the immediate departure of President Saleh. Banners demanded that he'd be transported to the International Criminal Court of justice with his family and close aides.
In this city of Hadramout too the Southern Secessionist Movement is gaining the hearts and mind of the people as they are seen as an alternative to al-Islah.






Source: Yemen Post
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