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Last updated: 07:06:33 PM GMT(+03) Sunday, 30, October, 2011

Yemen Youth Steadfast in Call for Change; Marches Continue

 Yemen Post Staff
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Anger is simmering in the capital and threatening to boil over since President Saleh sent his Vice President Abdurabu Hadi to the United States as it has been perceived as another stalling tactic.


Protesters are threatening to take the revolution to the "next level" without however saying what exactly they meant by it.

More than 100,000 anti government youth marched the streets of Sana’a demanding a regime fall.

At "Change Square", where youth are using as their base, groups of protesters continue to document the government's infractions against civilians as they are determined to take Saleh and his coterie to the ICC.

"We need as many proofs as we can gather, we don’t want him [Saleh] to get away with it for lack of documentation", said the group.

Despite the government's ultimatum urging them to free the square within 3 days, nobody seems to want to move as they say they are gaining ground against Saleh.

More women have been seen in the Square in recent days as the burning of the scarves ceremony seems to have galvanized them and given the activists a new breath of life.
"We want to be part of the revolution and we want to show the World that Yemeni women are an inherent part of the society, said Yusra Ahmed a Yemeni-Canadian activist.

In Hadda St. of the capital Sana’a last night, several explosions were heard alongside some gunshots. Residents claimed that clashes erupted at a checkpoint as anti-government protesters lashed out at the Republican Guards.
Shelling went on as well in the northern districts of the capital, near the Square and the 1st Brigade's base with more protesters and residents saying that war is now the only option out of the maze that has become the Yemeni revolution.

In the early hours of Sunday morning in "Freedom Square" the government forces moved against protesters under the direct orders of Qairan, Head of Security and Saleh loyalist.
According to security sources and dissident troops, the regime would have ordered Qairan to "clean up" the square.
Soon enough, flames were seen tunneling above the revolutionary encampment as the fight for the Square began once again. Back in May 2011, the regime staged an unprecedented violent attack against the pro-democracy protesters, leaving a reported 200 people dead and hundreds more injured.
So far medical sources reported a dozen injuries but no fatality.
Alguneib, an activist in Taiz reported via Twitter that Mawshiki Girl' school had been turned into a garrison by the government forces.
In West Taiz, independent soldiers, loyal to the revolution but without political affiliation, not with Gen. Mohsen not with al-Ahmar, defeated the government forces managing to take over tanks and armored cars.
The area west of Taiz from Rubaiei -to Mokha to Dhobab Bab AlMandab, is under control now of the forces of the revolution. Unlike in other cities in Yemen Taizi are starting to organize themselves by setting an armed force, away from the military and the tribes.
Several demonstrations are ongoing today as protesters are decrying the increasingly violent repressive methods used against them, saying threats, kidnapping and so on have become daily occurrences.
Although calm so far, several gunshots could be heard as the Republican Guards were trying to break up the crowd shooting in the air.

In Ibb, Mukallah, Dhamar, and Hodeidah more protests are ongoing today as protesters are demanding Saleh to step down and be judged immediately. Banners continue to read "Butcher and Criminal" in address to President Ali Abdullah Saleh.
Mpore police officers and Central Security men are said to have defected in those cities in favor of the revolution as they say the end is coming for Ali.








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Source: Yemen Post
We apologize for technical issues Yemen Post website is facing
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