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Yemen Post : A Step in the right Direction

On February 16, Yemen Post will launch two of its many upcoming surprises to the Yemeni Media.The first, will be its top of the art new design for the Yemen Post

   What does Al-Qaeda Want in Yemen?
   Opposition Playing a Dirty Game

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Last Update on: 10-02-2009

Regional Conference on Sea Security Begins in Sana'a

A regional conference on sea security started Tuesday in Sana'a with piracy, a recently soaring phenomenon off the coast of Somalia, dominating the discussions of the first day of the two-day meeting.

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Imprisonment in Yemen: Tragic Conditions of Inmates

Under Yemen's constitution the Islamic Sharia law remains the only source for legislation in the country.

Interview with Omar Abdullah Al-Jifri, Leader in the Sonsí League Party (RAY)

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  Taiz Dump Poses Endless Risks to Residents
Dr. Al-Qadasi's Killers Still at Large

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 International Reports

 Iranís women fight for rights 30 years after revolution

Women marched alongside men in the protests that helped topple Iranís monarchy in 1979ís Islamic revolution, and three decades later are continuing to struggle for more rights.

 Fear and trauma in Gaza's schools
 Can Abbas survive after Gaza war?

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 Iran Revolution Revisited

Iran is celebrating thirty years of its Islamic Revolution. Al Jazeera English, the Middle Eastís favorite television network, has been running a great series based on interviews and first person accounts to mark the occasion.

 Where Obama can make a difference
 US Needs to Rethink Israel Policy

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 Middle East News

 Torrential rain and snow have killed 40 this year; Severe rain in Morocco kills 24, forces evacuation

Heavy rains in Morocco have claimed 24 lives and forced 2,000 people to be evacuated over the

 Netanyahu pressured in Israel polls
 Gaza rocket hits southern Israel

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  Business & Economy

Businessmen Lose $ 2 Billion; Effects of World Financial Crisis on Yemen Unrecognized

Like the Yemeni government, Yemeni businessmen have not disclosed the volume of their direct or indirect losses under the current financial crisis.


 Considered to be Unjust; Sales Tax Controversy Continues
 Public Money Subject to Waste and Pillage, Report

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ِInterview with John Powell, Assistant Secretary General to the United Nations


Liver Problems Seen in Young People with History of Bilharzias Infection

Twenty three year old Jamal Naser didn't notice the extra blood traces in his urine and stool, nor the reason for the strong stomachaches he had to go through.

Sick people: Doctors the Real Problem
Pharmacy Job: Non-Specialists And Teenagers Selling us Life

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Dhamar University Obtains IUS Membership

The Dhamar University has obtained membership in the France-based International Union of Academies (IUA) to be the first Yemeni university joining the union.

Haradh Police Thwart Child Trafficking Attempts

In two separate operations, the security forces in the district of Haradh of Hajjah province foiled two attempts to smuggle 13 children into Saudi Arabia.

Concerns over Growing Attacks on US Interests; Additional Forces deployed on Borders

In a report released recently, the US State Department expressed concern over the growing and constant terrorist actions and violence targeting American people and interests throughout the world, including Yemen.

Five-Year-Old Girl Raped in Amran Governorate

A five year old girl was allegedly raped by her neighbor in a tragic incident that shook the country.

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