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Editor Picture The first of a hundred steps is now complete. We salute those who helped the NDC become the road map for the future Yemen. Strides of success were made, but the real test awaits us all. Will the government deliver and turn ink on paper into reality? 2
Hakim Almasmari  
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LATEST UPDATES Yemen faces new sabotage attack in Marib :: Fuel prizes spike send Yemenis over the edge :: Yemen’s pipe dream: Reconciliation :: The ransom dilemma, to pay or not to pay :: An officer is slain in Lawdar :: Rising prices at the pump, Yemenis might be in for a rude awakening :: Failed assassination attempt against top military commander :: Those who pray together … :: US diplomat confirms they made contact with Sharif Mobley :: Mike Harvey’s long walk to freedom ::
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Yemen’s pipe dream: Reconciliation

While Yemen’s embattled President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi has been urging his countrymen to unite and rally around the state’s institutions in order for the nation to weather the mighty storm which has battered its shores and bruised its military, images of politicians’ public spat this Eid quickly reminded all, that when it comes to Yemen, solidarity is a word which often goes amiss.

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The ransom dilemma, to pay or not to pay

News that Mike Harvey was released following several months in captivity (Harvey was kidnapped last February in the capital, Sana’a) brought back the difficult matter of ransom and whether foreign powers should ever allow themselves to be trapped into such blackmail.

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An officer is slain in Lawdar

Officials in Abyan (southern province of Yemen) confirmed on Tuesday, that Colonel Abdullah Al-Maaraji, a commander in the infantry had been killed in what is believed to have been a terror attack.

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Rising prices at the pump, Yemenis might be in for a rude awakening

According to Yemen Saeed, a local media outlet, Yemenis might be in for a rude awakening come the end of Eid as officials are getting ready to raise the price of all petroleum products.

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Failed assassination attempt against top military commander

As Yemenis everywhere began to celebrate the first day of Eid, thus marking the official end of the holy month of Ramadan, officials in the southern province of Al Daleh confirmed that an unidentified group of armed men targeted Abdullah Dabaan, the commander of the 33rd Brigade as he travelled in his vehicle.

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Those who pray together …

On the occasion of Eid prayer, Yemen’s incumbent and former presidents, President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi and former President Ali Abdullah Saleh came together to kneel in prayer, shoulder to shoulder, side by side, in what has been understood as a clear sign a political détente.

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US diplomat confirms they made contact with Sharif Mobley

Following calls from Sharif Mobley’s attorney (the disappeared US national who faces murder charges in Yemen) Cori Crider, that proof of life be given after her client was disappeared, US diplomats in Yemen have said to have made contact.

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Mike Harvey’s long walk to freedom

Following the announcement on Saturday that Mike Harvey, a British national had successfully been freed following five months of captivity; a video featuring those who negotiated his release emerged online.

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Al Qaeda strikes again, this time in Abyan

Following a brazen attack on Friday in the province of Al Baydha, officials in the southern province of Abyan have confirmed that elements believed to be affiliated to Al Qaeda have targeted soldiers in Mahfad.

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"Interview with prominent MP and director of YemenPac, AbdulMoez Dabwan"

In an interview with AbdulMoez Dabwan, the executive director of YemenPac (Parliamentarians Against Corruption) and prominent Islah Member of Parliament, he called on civil societies, NGOs and media to work tightly together with government officials to monitor and reinforce capacity building, security and growth. He discusses the crisis within parliament and the lack of strong governance.

President Abdurabu Hadi was recently interviewed by the London-based Arabic newspaper Al-Hayat.

The main focus of the interview with the Iranian involvement in the Yemeni affairs as Hadi said, "Iran is still meddling in Yemen's internal affairs."

Hassan al-Homran, spokesperson for Ansar Allah

"It is up to President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi to ensure that the cease fire is implemented on the ground. So far the central government has failed on every account. "

US Ambassador to Yemen talks to Yemen Post, "There are not hundreds of US forces in Yemen."

Nothing is currently an obstacle in front of the National Dialogue. So as it is now there is nothing going wrong.

Grading the Yemen NDC

Yemenis celebrated the end of the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) with joy and relief, feeling confident that tomorrow could be better. They now await the implementation of the NDC resolutions. 

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Law of the Jungle in Yemen
On Day of Terror Alert: US Drone roam skies of Yemen Capital for first time
Grading President Hadi 1st year in Power: C-
In 2012: 74 US drone strikes resulted in assassination of 74 Yemeni security officials
Raining Drones in Yemen
Grading President Hadi’s 1st Six Month in Power: B+
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Exploring Spaces: Bura Mountain World

Bura is a protected area in Yemen in Al- Hudaydah governate. The mountain rises 2,200 meters and is covered by natural forest resembling the rainforests of Africa. There are many flora and fauna varieties in Bura.

Amran presidential visit and what it could mean for Yemen
Yemen still cannot access foreign aid
Yemen Post Editor to RT: Yemeni government fueling Amran Crisis
Yemen food crisis needs to be addressed
Yemen Post Editor to AlJazeera: the Houthis will not invade Sana’a
Is Yemen the next domino to drop in the region?
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Away from the heresy of satellite channels and forums screaming .... Yemenis finding their need at a Sanaa Tent

At its time, the Youth Popular Revolution in Yemen rocked the Yemeni street to express their distaste for the traditional despot regime, Yemenis broke barrier of fear that has been chained them.

Washington Relaunches its Iraq Partition Project
Open letter to Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi: President of Yemen Arab Republic
More attacks in Yemen kill soldiers as violence moves to capital
Yemen’s Mounting Challenges: Fractured militant groups & Post-Conflict reconstruction
In an unequal world, we need inclusive growth
Yemenis in Guantanamo Prison Still Going Nowhere – Lawyer
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Yemen faces new sabotage attack in Marib

As Yemenis took to the streets in anger following the central government decision to end its oil subsidy policy, thus raising the prices of petrol at the pump by 60%, armed tribesmen directed their wrath at the country’s main pipeline in Marib.

Fuel prizes spike send Yemenis over the edge
Yemen resumes activities in Marib oil installations
Yemen’s economic reforms make Yemenis angry
Yemen’s oil pipeline suffers another attack
New economic measures make no mention of corruption
Press Release: Al-Rayan Micro-financing Program: A shining example of TEP Yemen’s Success in Project Sustainability
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KSA to help Yemen defeat Malaria to protect its people

On World Malaria Day (April 25th) Saudi officials commented in Riyadh that they intend to further assist Yemen, the poorest country in the Arabian Peninsula, fight off Malaria in order to ensure that the disease is completely eradicated by 2020.

MERS-related death prompt fears of outbreak in Yemen
Yemen health officials move to fight Schistosomiasis
Self sustaining cardiac surgery program established in USTH
Social Health Insurance in Yemen: The Unpaved Road
Female empowerment through voluntary work in the health sector!
Yemen AIDS program to tackle stigmatization
1 Minute News   By The Numbers    Aunt Noor Help Corner
  • 11th Al-Jazeera Exhibition Opens in Sana’a
  • Yamama Cement Acquires 20 % in Yemeni Saudi
    Cement Co.
  • 67 People Killed in Traffic Accidents Last Week
  • 15 
  • 3 
  • 23 
  • 1 

I am an ambitious person who has many goals and aims .I have faced many problem that destroy every thing that I try to build

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Yemen Analysis: On Turkey Fallout and Advances of Iran

For Yemen Post
The present situation in Yemen can be best described as "The Emperor has new Clothes and "the Rape of Yemen" and UN providing the cover.

Possible Turkey fallout and Iran advances are not necessarily related.

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Tanzanian man arrested in Yemen for drug trafficking: Could face death penalty
Yemen says 7 Germans kidnapped in the north
Yemen wants Saudis to block cash for separatists
Deadly protests rock Yemen's south
Yemeni president pledges reforms after violence in southern areas
Bomb kills Yemeni in southern clashes
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Music for Storms

Lights that were suddenly switched on. Sweat and blended. A raindrop glistened. Their voices were full of green geometric terraces.

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Press Release Doha Centre for Media Freedom
Gaza 'war crimes' hearing under way
'Jewish state' recognition urged
Israel urges 'disarmed Palestine'
Silatech, British Council and Qatari Students Network hold two-day Youth Summit in Partnership with QSN and British Council
Muslims want tangible change on Mideast from Obama
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The Indian Ocean and the Secrets of the Deep

Today the Indian Ocean region has emerged as political, economic and strategic power base set to transform the face of global economy.

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Press Release: The Yemeni American Public Affairs Council YAPAC
US-Backed Terrorists Murder US Ambassador in Libya
Addressing the Challenges To Transform The HIV-TB Response
Denmark’s EU Presidency: At work for growth in Europe

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 Yemen faces new sabotage attack in Marib
 Fuel prizes spike send Yemenis over the edge
 Yemen’s pipe dream: Reconciliation
 The ransom dilemma, to pay or not to pay
 An officer is slain in Lawdar
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